Farm party magic (with the power of prayer & positive thinking)

Life since getting married Thanksgiving weekend has been quite an adventure.

My little, old-fashioned DIY wedding

Our Wedding (©Native Gypsies)

That’s us!

Soon after our wedding, we headed to Eastern Europe as newlyweds, where my husband played for a Slovakian hockey team.

I couldn’t get enough of the Slovak folk pattern on the team’s hockey uniforms!

We lived in a hotel suite…

Healthy hotel living for the cook without a kitchen

traveled around Eastern Europe…

24 hours in Bratislava: Slovakia travel

Red carpet treatment in Ljubljana: Travel Slovenia

witnessed our irreplaceable friend and Native Gypsies partner Makie get married to Captain Todd!

His & Hers Wedding Accessories: from boots to boutonnieres

And celebrated at their West Coast party too!

Party Planning in LA… First stop: Flower District! Final Destination: Bluewater Grill

After we settled back in at home, it was time for another party! While we had an intimate wedding, we still wanted to celebrate with our extended family and friends. I couldn’t imagine having a big shin-dig anywhere but my parent’s farm, possibly my favorite place on Earth. Much like our wedding, nothing needed to be overly planned or perfect; our goal was to get everyone together and have a great time! We planned a summer farm party with games and music for a couple hundred people, come rain or shine.

what’s a farm party without a covered wagon?! ©NativeGypsies

A week before the party, the news warned of a damaging storm in our area coming the day (and time) of our event. Uh oh! ‘Come rain’ seemed likely.

Since our thoughts are things, rather than focusing on the hail, high winds, heavy rains (and tears) threatening to thwart our outdoor festivities, anytime my mind wandered to the potentially hazardous weather, I asked the heavens and the world to let us achieve our goal of getting everyone together for a great time, and keeping everyone safe. My husband was equally positive, but in a more practical way. “We already had our wedding,” he said, and reminded me that we had clear, sunny skies for our wedding, and the weather will do what it’s going to do whether we worry about it or not. Why waste time worrying? Hmm, good point.

thoughts are things - native gypsies
thoughts are things – ©NativeGypsies

The day of the party, the rains held off early in the day, and right as the event was starting, my phones’ weather app showed 100% chance of rain within the hour. Gulp! 100% is not great odds. I did one final prayer, pictured my Grandma watching from above, and hoped for the best.

But guess what? It never happened. Just like most the things we all spend our time worrying about. That time and energy can better serve us and others if we re-channel our thoughts to something positive.

The storm parted and went to the north and the south of us. The uninvited guest at the party never appeared, likely due to very explainable weather patterns, but I’d like to think it was prayers, positivity and a little bit of magic.

minnesota farm sunset
Minnesota farm sunset ©NativeGypsies

Not only did it not storm, the skies gifted us with the most gorgeous sunset that evening. A friend later told me that as her family left the party to drive back to the metro, they gazed out at the sunset as they reflected on its beauty and their time spent on the farm.

And isn’t that what really matters in life?

It’s gazing at the sunset with your family…

laughing and playing games with friends…


dancing with your dad…

father daughter dance ©NativeGypsies

and dancing with your new husband (to oldies countries music sung by your junior high shop teacher).

Jay Reinders of Alpha & Omega Entertainment  ©NativeGypsies

Don’t worry about things you can’t control. Be positive about things you can. Keep good company. Take in the sunset. L-O-V-E.








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    Prayer + Positive Thinking = A Wonderful Celebration!

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