Fell in love with the Catskills

“An Escape from the New York City and the Suburbs Thereof”

This weekend my friend and I rented a fabulous house in the Catskills for a few days.  We loaded up some groceries, Radar, my guitar, some art supplies, a few good books, hiking shoes and we were off!

This is what we found…

We came across a refurbished garage made into the coolest store and coffee shop called Scandinavian Grace on highway 28.   Fredrick was super fun to talk to and the items were beautifully designed, colorful and unique.

After playing house in the fabulous rental, we woke up the next morning to deer grazing in the yard.  (What a sweet respite from the overcrowded city and a deep, cleansing cool breath of fresh air!)

Midday we enjoyed a scrumptious lunch at the old-fashioned Andes Hotel in a nearby village.  (Radar hid under my chair from the raindrops and distant thunder.  He spent his time doing dog things like rolling in the grass, drinking fresh mountain water that runs along everywhere and then shaking fearfully from the intermittent storms – there’s no talking him down from that.)

The next day we hit a Farmer’s market on route 30 near Margaretville for some local goods.  We found some amazing grassfed beef by Shannon Hayes (author of The Farmer and the Grill and The Grassfed Gourmet Cookbook) who gave us incredible grilling instructions.

I fell in love with an artist’s palette-shaped cutting board, hand crafted out of beautiful local woods.  Wallywoodshop is the place to go to find these beauties!

And then I nabbed some gorgeous raw honey, basil garlic mustard, blackberry jam and my new favorite, pumpkin butter, from Will the Bee Man.  If you’re in the area and craving something tasty, call William Patterson at 607.326.7776 for some delicious spreads, soup mixes and more.

We did quite a bit of hiking along the countryside – I’m a sucker for farms in open valleys.  I love the secret pockets of openness hidden in between the mountains.  Everyone has a creek on their property, a pond or both – I’m so jealous!

We traipsed around Margaretville, cheated another mini rainstorm and found a used bookstore called the Bibliobarn where I purchased Eugene O’Neill’s Long Day’s Journey Into Night.

On the way home we found an absolutely amazing restaurant on highway 28 called Peekamoose Restaurant.  Definitely make a point to dine here if you take a trip to the Catskills.  They had amazing fare. I gobbled up a yummy potato/parsnip gnocchi in a leak fondue sauce.  – Hello, GOOD FOOD!  The owners, Devin and Marybeth, are super friendly and welcoming too.  I am so glad we stopped at Peekamoose 🙂  (I loved these horse sculptures on their deck.)

I had to share this wall from the restaurant.  Apparently, when they purchased the property Devin and Marybeth found a ton of scraps, old tools, etc.  They creatively made wall art out of the random pieces and painted the entire thing robin’s egg blue.  So very cool.

So that’s what we found.  I instantly fell in love with the Catskills and I can’t wait to go back!




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