Got raw milk?

raw milk

Have you ever tried to find a dairy farm advertising raw milk for sale on the internet? Nearly impossible.

If you know someone who isn’t a farmer but is drinking raw milk, ask them where they got it. The answer will likely be 1. my (insert family member here) is a dairy farmer, or 2. I talked to a friend of a friend of a friend, and they “let me in” on it.

What’s the big secret? You’d think there were drug king pins at the helm of this word-of-mouth underground network . Nope, just a pleasant, hard working American farmer milking Bessie in the parlor.

While milk in most states* in America is pasteurized before it’s sold in stores, it wasn’t always that way. And it isn’t that way in other communities around the world. Learn about the history, benefits and potential risks of raw milk at RealMilk.Com.

Through the site, we found a pastured, organic farm with A2 cows. If you find a farm, expect to also find a waiting list. More and more Americans are seeking out raw milk. We drove to the farm (you’re required to pick it up on site), brought our own bottles (they aren’t allowed to supply them) and signed a waiver releasing the farm of fault (similar to a gym waiver where the individual assumes responsibility). Following a short tour of the farm where we saw the cows on pasture,  barley grass the farmer was growing indoors (so the cows had year round grass to munch on), and their clean and well kept indoor home, we walked out with a couple glass bottles of unhomogenized, non-pasteurized milk.

To me, it tastes like the organic whole milk brand I had purchased from a health foods co-op. However, a minute or two after I was done drinking it, I had the aftertaste of hay in my mouth. Well I guess I know what that particular cow was eating.

As emerging boutique organic farms grow in numbers, I foresee the supply and demand of A2 raw organic milk growing on a local level throughout America. It converted me, someone who has avoided standard cow’s milk for years in preference of coconut or almond milk. While I’ll still opt for alternative milks, I can now say that I do GOT (raw) MILK!


*Visiting Arizona this winter, we noticed raw milk sold in Sprouts!

raw milk, Sprouts, Arizona
Sprouts: Mesa, AZ

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