Have Yourself a Merry VINTAGE Christmas

At Native Gypsies we are drawn to things of a different generation.  We love stories.  We love creating.  We love family.

Brooke and I have remarked on several occasions this last year how we are surprising ourselves by how old-fashioned we are becoming.  It might not be completely en-vogue, but we’d rather be real and stick to what matters most.

On this holiday I think about the real meaning of Christmas, and I think about family…

Grandma Audrey’s 1940’s High School Attire

My grandma, Audrey, passed away last Christmas.  It was near her birthday; she’d had a good run.  In her day, she was a beautiful, charismatic creature who seemed no stranger to conflict.  An imperfect woman who, I imagine, tried her best.

She and my grandfather, Scott, hosted holiday celebrations and created many memories for their grandchildren round a grand, stone, fireplace and an antique, player-piano.  They rarely missed a basketball game, wrestling match, theatrical or dance performance.  Their family was their life.

Woolen Plaid. Green for the holidays. Perfectly Pleated.

They worked hard and created everything they had from scratch.  Innovation and ideas were built into something sustainable.

Audrey and Scott met in High School.  They lived in small, neighboring, rival towns.  I recently read some of their love letters from those days.  To imagine she was wearing this dress while penning some of those notes in cursive!

“Dear Scotty,

Helen says you should bring Ted Friday night.  She’s absolutely a gag.

I have to go.  Math class.

Write soon…”

Can you imagine waiting for letters with the same content we so readily text back and forth these days?  They were so much fun to read.


Last night we attended a holiday parade and sang carols as we traipsed through a neighborhood of houses lit with colorful bulbs.  Families and friends were dressed in “ugly”, festive sweaters, joyfully bustling in and out of the homes.  Food was abundant, games were played…  it almost seemed like a step back in time, to a simpler, kinder place.

May you cherish your special ones, and reach out to those who might need a friendly hello, a hug, or a helping hand this time of year.

And in the words of my Grandma, Audrey,

“Remember how much you are loved.”

Have a blessed holiday,

From Makie with love




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