head in the CLOUDS


I like to play basketball in the summer.  It reminds me of when I was a kid and used to play with my cousin, Harley, during my tom-boy phase where I thought Michael Jordan was the bomb and let the same cousin name our farm cat L.J. for Larry Johnson

I also used to play basketball in school but quite frankly I think my skills lay more in running up and down the court than in technical things such as the rules.  Later I found dance to be invigorating and theatre to be liberating so I didn’t play through high school but I always liked basketball.  Still do apparently.

Instead of games of one-on-one I usually just shoot around and play silly games like H-O-R-S-E. But more often than not I’ll forget it’s my turn even if there are only two of us playing.  Clearly after one misses a shot the other is “up” but sometimes my head is in the clouds.  If you didn’t know me you might mistake me for the type of girl that rhymes with a ‘fritzy’ blonde.  But here’s the deal – I’m really just thinking!  Granted sometimes it’s about stupid stuff, but often it goes much deeper than that – so don’t laugh!

Have you ever noticed that doing something mundane or repetitive gets your creative juices flowing?  I’m not saying that basketball is mundane, but the peaceful nature of just dribbling the ball, lining up for a shot and the follow through is quite massaging to my cranium.

Washing the dishes.  Now that is mundane.  I hate cleaning.  loathe it actually – I wish one day for a house cleaner.  Maybe some of you have one and for that I am openly jealous.  (How lovely it must be!)  But I guess I’ll be grateful for the physical tasks that give one side of my brain a break and lets the other side dance around a bit.

Did any of you grow up watching the animated Disney classic, Cinderella?  My favorite character was not the princess but the mouse, Gus Gus.  I always went for the animals not the dolls and the dresses when I was a kid.  Anyhoo.. Sometimes I feel like ‘Cindy’ before the ball (and sometimes like a troll).  But I guess I can choose to be grateful for those dirty dishes, the tub that’s itchin’ for a scrub and even those clothes begging to be folded after a good tumble in the dryer.  (Not so much fun as a tumble in the hay, but I’ll take clean clothes and Downy any day.)  I

‘m curious.  When do you come up with your best ideas?

Here are my top 5:

1. showering

2. chopping vegetables

3. washing dishes

4. driving

5. running

I don’t think having your head in the clouds is such a bad thing.  Just beware of a low flying bird or two and make sure you don’t get hit in the face with a basketball (done that), miss your exit (done that too), chop your finger, or start the kitchen on fire.




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