His & Hers Wedding Accessories: from boots to boutonnieres

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Prior to our wedding in Minnesota, I joked with my soon-to-be step son that I was going to wear these with my dress…

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They definitely cover the “something blue” category, and he thought they were absolutely the coolest thing ever, but I told him I was more likely to wear cowboy boots.

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Which is what happened.

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Thankfully, Jackie traveled all the way from LA to spend 9 days with my family to prepare & make decorations with us …and she just happened to bring her mother’s white cowboy boots from the 70’s in her suitcase.  Something borrowed AND vintage?  …YES, please!

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They came in handy because it snowed on our wedding day.  We had an entirely white wedding.

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I did purchase these platforms for the reception.  They are quite tall, but because I am always looking for a budget-friendly fix, it was cheaper to buy tall shoes than to tailor the applique on the bottom of my dress to fit my height.  Plus, I don’t mind a bit of (or a lot of) a heel once in a while.  I also used this fabulous gold bag (something “old” from my Aunt, Debbie), and wore my mom and her mom’s jewelry.

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Todd didn’t let the opportunity pass to let Tyler in on the wedding fun.  He designed custom Converse online for Tyler to wear with his suit.

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Check em out.. they even have his name on them!

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Ty also wanted me to let you know about his crazy socks.  They are a fashion essential in his book. 😉

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Todd also mix and matched these nautical cuff links, which are so fitting for him.

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And he surprised me with this infinity necklace.

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I wish we made a “How To Pin Boutonnieres” video.  Too bad we weren’t recording here.  In short, it takes one, amazing, mother of the groom, named Carol, and one dang good friend named Brian (a.k.a. Bry-Guy) to secure these floral man accessories!

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I absolutely love my wedding ring.  It is molded from and is an exact replica of an antique ring from 1898.  Todd knows I love vintage things, especially old stories, and do you know what?!…

© Shelly (my MOM), The Prairie Chick

I couldn’t believe it (but somehow I could)… while decorating the historic church we were about to be married in, I found an old, Norwegian, hymnal on the altar that said it was from 1898!  The exact same year as my ring.  It couldn’t be more perfect.

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Todd’s ring is etched and engraved to match mine.  Just like his soul is matched to mine.  I couldn’t be more happy, blessed, and astounded at what God and the abundance of love & life have brought me and our new family.

May we all cherish our blessings and the sweetness that comes from the simple, beautiful, and wholesome parts of life.  Namely, family and love.

↞ ↠

Are there any special accessories that were a part of your wedding day?  Or do you have ideas of what you’d like to do, or use, or wear?  Please share with us below!

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