Like father, like daughter

Don Ziegler - Father- Native Gypsies
My dad & sister on the farm
“Oh, NOW I see why you are the way you are,” my husband joked to me once he started spending quality time with my dad.
I thought daughters were supposed to marry someone like their father. Apparently not when they ARE like their father. On this Father’s Day, instead of sharing wonderful memories that shaped me into who I am, I laugh at my father while laughing at myself. And hopefully you’ll get a good laugh too, as you think about the similarities you share with yours!
Don Ziegler - childhood - farm - native gypsies
My father on our family farm as a child

Matt (my husband) isn’t alone in noticing my eccentricities that pair with my dad. Since moving back to my hometown a few years ago and spending more time with my parents, I increasingly noticed our commonalities. Our hoarding. Our overoptimism. Our rushing. Then, there’s the little things that irritate our spouses, like leaving water containers all over the place like we’re the kid from the movie Signs. You never know when Joaquin Phoenix will need that glass of water to kill an alien with, or quench a thirst. Speaking of which, excuse me for a brief intermission while I sip on my mason jar (conveniently located right next to me).

Farm life: sippin’ from a mason jar (featuring Mason-Re)

Ok, I’m back. Historically, “you’re just like your father” has been used to describe our (perceived) “flaws” and quirky behaviors. I’ve still yet to hear “wow, your wit and charm really reminds me of your father.” Nothing but the sound of crickets.
father – daughter nap time!


After our failed attempts to de-clutter a shed on the farm (due to neither of us ever throwing anything away), my mom stepped in. “What one throws, the other keeps, and nothing gets done!” she exclaimed. Since our family loves to upcycle old junk, throwing isn’t really a word in our vocabulary.

Dad and Brooke on the farm
Working on the farm: Brooke & dad
Working on the farm together during Fall harvest is always an experience. I made an error last Fall, snapping a piece of equipment we needed to quickly repair in order to get back up and running again; I was devastated. My mom looked at it, looked at my dad and said with a straight face “like father. Like daughter.” He’d just done the exact same thing a couple weeks prior. Why? Rushing! This is one area I’ve really tried to improve upon this year.
…and more “FLAWS”… 
During harvest, Matt and I were planning our wedding. I came up with the bright idea (in my opinion) that we should have our winter wedding in my parents woods by their hunting shack. No heat. No electricity. No water. No problem! At least that’s what I thought. And my dad hysterically laughed but jumped on board immediately. My mom and sister thought we’d lost our minds. My mom stared at us in disbelief and uttered “they’re just alike.” We assume everything will work out (which it usually does). Overoptimism!
In optimism there is magic. In pessimism there is nothing. – ABRAHAM HICKS
With my dad at Matt’s & my wedding before the ceremony
Matt and I didn’t end up getting married in the woods. We compromised and had our ceremony at a historical church with no water, heat or electricity! And yes, it did all work out beautifully. See for yourself.

My little, old-fashioned DIY wedding

To me, our “flaws” are endearing. They are little, happy reminders of where I came from. I’m very thankful for both my incredible parents, and I’d like to wish my dad (and all the dad’s out there) a great, big Happy Father’s Day!




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