I want to say something as an artist, and as a human for that matter!

I used to be an actress and was given lines to deliver and roles to play, but they never captured what I truly wanted to say. As a music artist, writing my own lyrics and melody, recording and performing… I finally feel like I’m being truthful and living my purpose. That’s also what I’m doing here at Native Gypsies, with my friend Brooke!

I want to put something out there that is full of light, wonder and hope. Something that gives the message that being REAL is WONDERFUL – in a world where everything seems to be filtered, fabricated, and perfectly fashioned. I need that. I’m sure there are others out there craving it, too.

I grew up on a horse farm in rural Minnesota, not far from Brooke and her agriculural farm. I now live in California, outside Los Angeles, and am lucky enough to be in an area surrounded by produce fields. It’s the perfect combination of beach life and farm life!

My husband and I are both originally from the Midwest and have been living gypsy life to the fullest during our Summers while we rent our home to vacationers in CA, and travel, visiting family and working on our various projects.

I released a new Single called “If I Fled” this Summer, kicking off a series of new songs to be released monthly through the end of the year. Another new Single & Music Video, “The King’s Fox” is a message to young girls and women to never stay in unsupportive or abusive environments, and to follow the call of their true spirit within.

My music has an indie pop/folk vibe that sits perfectly with your go-to vintage, beach camping playlist, or the soundtrack of your favorite independent film. If you follow along with my releases this fall, you’ll hear an eclectic blend of influences in my style and songs.

Find me on social media @MAKIEmusic (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) and go to MAKIEmusic.com to hear music, watch music videos, and sign up for updates. My music is on Spotify, iTunes, and all your favorite digital stores and streaming platforms. You may also text ‘MAKIE’ to 474747 to sign up for monthly updates on my latest releases.

We started Native Gypsies for those who are ‘home grown, and love to roam…’ Celebrating the natural, down to earth woman, who has a curious spirit for travel, learning and healing (and a probable love of all things vintage – especially those with a story…).

Read my stories here ↠ Posts by MAKIE on NativeGypsies.com

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