Simple Kid’s Face Painting for Your Memorial Day Celebrations

Photo © MAKIE / Makenzie Bloomer | Native Gypsies

Last July 4th, I was home on the farm and enjoyed watching the kids celebrate with fireworks and games during a perfectly warm Summer evening…   Since it is Memorial Day weekend, I thought it apropos to share our festivities as this time of remembering and honoring our veterans who died in service is also often accompanied with patriotic celebrations of red, white & blue!

Photo © Shelly Greimann | The Prairie Chick

Patriotic themed face-painting could be a fun addition to your Memorial gathering this coming Monday (after paying your respects, and amidst BBQing and yard games)!  I’m always the auntie who shows up with a bag of tricks, and this was no exception.  So my nephews, nieces and I painted red, white, and blue designs on our faces and arms with Ben Nye theatrical makeup.

*Ben Nye makeup color wheel: great for the lighted stage & backyard ‘play’-time!


MAKIE / Makenzie Bloomer. Photo © Shelly Greimann | The Prairie Chick

The youngest decided she should paint MY face.  Although not entirely on board at this moment, I do encourage their own expression of creativity.  I do!!  [heh]

Photo © Shelly Greimann | The Prairie Chick

Reclaiming the brush was a bit like land ownership talks between Nations.  Two-year-olds are tough negotiators!

MAKIE / Makenzie Bloomer. Photo © Shelly Greimann | The Prairie Chick

She thought she was hilarious, and in all honesty – I thought so too.

Photo © Shelly Greimann | The Prairie Chick

Thank goodness I brought along a gentle, sea fennel, eye makeup remover by Gabriel Organics that worked really well on removing the face paints!

*My favorite eye makeup remover, to date.


Photo © Shelly Greimann | The Prairie Chick

This young lady thought it very important that I paint my face as well.

MAKIE / Makenzie Bloomer. Photo © Shelly Greimann | The Prairie Chick

And so I succumbed, like any aunt (a.k.a. sucker for her sister’s kids) would.  …And she roasted me a marshmallow.  It was a fair deal, I thought.  😉

Photo © MAKIE / Makenzie Bloomer | Native Gypsies

That morning my dad, aunt & uncle and I went for a long horse ride through protected marshland and noticed these pretty wildflowers or “weeds”.  Later in the day we couldn’t resist hunting for them again, and cutting a few for our gathering.  Specifically known as Asclepias Purpurascens (or Purple Milkweed), this classic Minnesota Milkweed is great to plant in your wildflower garden to not only attract vibrantly colored Monarchs but to house their eggs and help grow a fluttering population near your home.

Turns out you don’t have to go on a four-hour horse ride, and trek back to find these beauties (although, I think that’s fun!).  You can find the seeds in stores & online…

*Purchase a variety of milkweed seeds to start your butterfly garden!

If you’re considering adding to, or creating a butterfly garden, this site is a great reference to find which milkweed varieties are native to your state.

Photo © MAKIE / Makenzie Bloomer | Native Gypsies

Whether you’re boating, backyarding, fooding, or fireworxing with family & friends this weekend.  Or attending a service this to honor those who have passed in action…  I hope you have a lovely time and consider playing with paints for the occasion (or, perhaps, decide to plant a butterfly garden now that Summer is right around the corner)!



*In this post I have linked to a few of my favorite things on Amazon.  If you happen to click through and purchase, a portion of the sales will contribute to the longevity of this here blog!  We shop & support local businesses when and however we can.  However, when we can’t find something locally, Amazon Prime is a wonderful fix, and we are pleased to be affiliated.  🙂  Hoorah!




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