noun ˈmäk-sē  (slang)

  1. vigor; energy; pep.
  2. courage and determination; nerve.
  3. skill; know-how.


I received what I believe to be a great compliment several weeks ago from a mentor I look up to quite a bit.  This person said, “Mak, you’ve got moxie.”


Well, “thank you?”  I didn’t quite know what moxie meant, although it sounded cool and hip in a vintage sort of way.  Turns out it’s slang for those things above. I also saw definitions including:


  1. Force of character. (okay, cool)
  2. The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage. (right on!)
  3. Aggressive energy; initiative. (hmm…)

Initiative? I’ll take that!  Aggressive energy though? I don’t think I’ve ever considered myself an aggressive person.  It took me years to learn to be assertive, but perhaps one could interpret my energy as aggressive when it comes to stubbornly sticking to a goal with focus and determination.  Anyway… I thought I’d share this fabulous word.

I happen to like looking up definitions.  Especially since my older sister convinced me in Elementary school that she had read the entire dictionary.  A statement I didn’t think twice about.  She was quite the smarty-pants and a book-worm – plus, I was six.

And now I’m singing, “The name on everybody’s lips is gonna be… Roxie” (from CHICAGO), although we should revise the lyrics to say “The noun on everybody’s lips is gonna be… moxie“.

Oh my goodness, I am such a nerd.

And now I hope this lovely tune is stuck in your head too.

(You are very welcome.)  😉





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