My rant on water, why I buy glass bottles, and giveaway alert!

How do you get your daily dose of water wellness?

Filtered water in a cup or reusable bottle?

Plastic water bottles?

From the faucet?

What about frolicking up to a fresh water mineral spring and drinking straight from the source? Maybe in our dreams, but glass bottled water from mineral springs IS accessible for the rest of us who don’t live next to an ancient volcanic filtered mountain mineral spring. (Alert, I call out my favorite American water brand in this article AND there’s a giveaway at the end.)


For years, I drank purified water (filtered) in my reused lemonade glass jars (yet another item I could hoard and reuse). I hauled those bottles around everywhere. Then I started to wonder if my filter removed fluoride (yup, I’m one of those wackadoos). It didn’t. And I wondered if it removed important minerals in the water. And I wondered if there was PURE water instead of PURIFIED water. Preferably not in plastics when possible, but I’ll get to that later.

While living in Germany and France with my husband, restaurants didn’t offer a free glass of water with your meal like in the states, grocery stores sold glass bottles that listed their mineral content on the label, and (my favorite) those same stores offered a deposit return on your bottle purchases when you brought them back to a machine in the store (German Pfand System). Technically, you’re getting a deposit back you paid (similar to the glass milk bottles in the states), but the cost per bottle on the upfront wasn’t higher than what I paid for glass bottles back home. I inserted bottles (plastic or glass) into a thingamajiggy in the wall, and out popped money. This cheap, eco-conscious American girl was instantly sold!

Back home in Minnesota, I still cart around my glass water bottles, but now I primarily use pure water instead of purified. On occasion, we get questions about our giant water bottles from people at the gym or in public, maybe because they resemble 40s of beer! There’s no bottle return system like in Europe, so I recycle as much packaging as possible. While the act of placing a bottle in the recycling bin is better than dumping it in the trash, sadly, some of our recycling ends up there anyways! I know, I know. Some of the human and environmentally (un)friendly topics I write about are downright depressing. An inconvenient truth.


How can we refill and reuse products instead of these vessels ending up in landfills? Here’s where I name drop. American mineral water brand Starkey Water poses the same challenge to its users. Their website states “we encourage you to recycle, reuse and repurpose them,” and to tag Starkey on social media to show how you reuse your bottle. I like the way they roll.

Starkey (based in the Idaho mountains) reminded me of European water brands, sourced from mineral springs. Ah, mineral springs. How I miss the German and European thermal mineral spas. Read about my fondness for bathing in healing mineral springs to inspire your next trip. While the water in Starkey bottles comes from deep within the earth, the water gushes out in a geothermal spring that 1800s settler’s bathed in for its healing properties. Nearly 200 years later, you don’t need to go to the mountains in Idaho for their 9.6 alkalinity drinking water. It’s available at Whole Foods and on Amazon Fresh.

Starkey at Whole Foods ©NativeGypsies

It’s also stored in glass water bottles like my favorite European brands. Except it’s American-made, minimizing its transportation footprint. Plus, us red, white and blue-blooded Americans like supporting American products!

Do I drink plastic water bottles? Sure I do! And guess what else. While I’m at it with admissions, I eat at McDonald’s now and then too. We’re all human. Why do I prefer glass water bottles to plastic? Definitely not due to their durability, as if you know me, you know I’m clumsy and drop (ahem…break) things. I prefer it to limit endocrine disrupting phthalates in my body, especially when I was pregnant and now that I’m still nursing. Related side note: was it just my news feed, or did you see the ‘there’s plastic in your mac-n-cheese’ videos on Facebook recently?

Thanks to my blogging partner Makie for little mans sweet outfit ©NativeGypsies

As quoted in the 100% Pure Skincare blog, “The chemicals that “plasticize” plastic – that is, give it its characteristic flexible-yet-sturdy texture – are toxic and hormone disrupting, which in turn means that they’re potentially carcinogenic. These plastics can leach into water (and personal care products) over time, leading to accumulated levels in the body and dangerous effects on the endocrine system.”

One of the purposes of drinking water is to help eliminate toxins, according to the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. I’m no doctor, but if a plastic water bottle leaches chemicals into our body, is the act of drinking water eliminating toxins or contributing to the build-up?


Are you still reading my rant on water? Good! Here’s where the good stuff comes in.

Giveaway Alert!!! 

We’ve teamed up with Starkey Water to host a giveaway for our readers with one lucky lady (or lad) receiving:

  • 1 case of 1 L glass Starkey Water
  • $50 gift certificate to Whole Foods

Enter for a chance to win by:

  • COMMENT either below on this blog post, or any of the related water posts on Native Gypsies social media featuring Starkey Water.
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Giveaway ends August 5 and we will announce on social media.

I believe in people and our ability to reduce, reuse and recycle. However, how do we take it to the next step and encourage government to implement a recycling law similar to Germany’s Pfand System? Or (just a thought here) improve upon their law? I’m picturing myself years from now passing recycling bins and digging out water bottles to get an extra quarter here and there. Along the lines of find a penny, pick it up. You know the saying.

Full disclosure: #ad ! I may receive compensation to discuss brands in this article. Did they tell me what to say? Nope, I get to rant my butt off about water AND still have the opportunity to get compensated. How cool is that?




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