Napa casual goes country, ya’ll!

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Heading to Napa for a wedding, I stared blankly at my closet (and my 2nd closet, and my 3rd closet). I’d come to the realization that my closet(s) is anything but what I pictured ‘Napa casual’ to be. Ohhhh, crap (and seriously, “ohhh crap”? What a Minnesotan thing of me to say.)

My friend Makie (AKA the other 1/2 of Native Gypsies, who splits her time between our MN farm community and L.A.) brought over a few extra dress options for my trip. After I explained to her that I wanted to wear short flowy dresses and cowboy boots, but I didn’t want to stick out like a sore thumb, she retorted “just wait! You’ll see a bunch of people in cowboy boots and wish you’d brought yours!” Darn you, Makie. Darn you.

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As we drove up 29, back down the Silverado Trail and wandered the quaint downtown streets of Napa, women in rugged yet fashionable cowgirl boots were sipping on wine and standing out (in a GOOD way) everywhere I turned. One women I talked with was wearing Durango boots. Durangos! Those are real cowboy boots. Not the high fashion runway’s overpriced take on cowboy boots. After seeing the horse farms lined between the vineyards, and the rolling countryside, it made complete sense.

Entertainment at the Napa Farmer's Market
Entertainment at the Napa Farmer’s Market

Whether you’re heading to Napa (check out the Oxbow Public Market & the Saturday Napa Farmer’s Market across the street if you are), or you’re strolling your own hometown main street, you’ll crush on these Crush by Durango cowgirl boots.

Crush by Durango women's boots
Crush by Durango women’s boots

Lesson learned. Wear what makes you, YOU!

#nativegypsies on social media and show the Native Gypsies community what fashion makes you, YOU!

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