Natural laundry detergent for the whole stinkin’ family

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Mom seeking chemical-free, budget-friendly, effective laundry products for the whole stinkin’ family. Sound like you?

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I’ve tried over a dozen natural detergents from wellness stores and online, and most recently I’d DIY’d a Borax-free powdered laundry detergent with castile soap.

Once I was pregnant, I started reading about how to launder cloth diapers. While I’m a castile soap fanatic, I learned that the soap isn’t recommended (insert my aghast here) for cloth diaper wash due to the oils in the ingredients. They can cause the diaper to build up an absorbency resistance (requiring over-worked and tired parents who already run their wash daily (or multiple times a day) to strip baby’s cloth diapers often. If not stripped, the lack of absorbency can cause leaks. Read: even more laundry. No thanks!

The ingredients in laundry detergent are important if you have skin sensitivities or are trying to avoid chemicals on your skin.

What good is it to buy natural and organic sheets, towels and clothes, just to wash them with a chemical detergent?

For Baby

Molly's Suds Cloth Diaper Laundry Powder

While sifting the web for cloth diaper laundry wash recommendations, I purchased Molly’s Suds Cloth Diaper Laundry Powder based on the price and ingredients (or, lack of scary ingredients). Plus, I previously worked in marketing for a former natural online retailer, and I remembered that they’d sold Molly’s Suds on their site.

For novice cloth diaper users like me, I was excited (yes, reading about how to get mustard-y baby poo out of diapers is cause for excitement) with the lengthy FAQ on how to wash cloth diapers on the Molly’s Suds site. First time mom, here! Please tell me what to do, and make it simple. Thank you.

Once I started using the cloth diaper laundry powder, I looked into other Molly’s Suds laundry products to see if I could use their products for the whole family. We all have different needs, so that’s a tall order. In exchange for my honest opinions upon review, Molly’s Suds gifted me a complimentary box of various laundry products.

For the Athlete

My hubby is a hockey player, so he comes home from workouts smelling like he, well, just worked out!

©Christophe Delaville RHE76 Hockey

Molly’s Suds All Sport Laundry Wash works for his hockey gear, workout clothes and even training shoes, and it’ll work for your little (or big) stinker too!

Molly’s Suds all sport laundry wash ©Native Gypsies

I’m light years past high school, but my nose can distinctly recall the sticky aroma of the football team (dressed in their practice gear) in the hallway. This product is ideal if you’re a cross-fitter, bikram yogi, or you have a hockey or football player in your home.

For the Dirt-MagnetMolly's Suds Oxygen Whitener

Admittedly, this is me. My husband tells me that he’s going to have to be the one to teach our baby how to eat, because I spill drinks and food on my clothes — often. And now that I eat many-a-meal one-handed (while nursing or cuddling our little man) I’ve been known to spill food on him and his clothes too. #momfail

For the one in your family who seems to live by the motto “just rub some dirt on it” and thinks that means their clothes, there’s both Molly’s Suds Oxygen Whitener and the All Sport Laundry Wash.

On pit stains, mix the Oxygen Whitener powder with a little water, rub the paste into the stain and let it sit before washing. This worked miracles on a cream-colored, crocheted lace shirt I’ve been wearing for over a decade (the underarms were more tea-colored than cream). Nothing I’ve tried prior to the Oxygen Whitener removed the stains. Before washing, I let the paste rest on the shirt for around 35 minutes (enough time to nurse and change a diaper!)

This works perfect for mystery stains that appear on clothes too, like the fringed Free People white shorts I wore for my farm party wedding reception. Wearing white in a machine shed used for storing greasy farm equipment probably wasn’t the practical choice. But what’s fun about practical? Here’s my blog post on our farm party.

Farm party magic (with the power of prayer & positive thinking)

Speaking of farm, it was a rainy, muddy day today working on the farm for fall harvest. And oh boy, our family farm is a great place to get dirty! The All Sport Laundry Wash helps to get the grit out.

Brooke on the farm during fall harvest- native gypsies
Fall harvest on the farm -Brooke ©Native Gypsies

The sport wash is recommended for stains by the company. Try putting it in a spray bottle to make a stain-removal spray, and check out their sweet stain removal FAQ.

I’m not the only stain creator in the house anymore. Woot! Because I decided it was a good idea to buy white baby towels, wash cloths, diaper inserts, and natural colored cloth baby wipes, I needed to perfect a way to keep them looking fresh. To clean the white cloth diaper inserts, I cold rinse off the “mustard-y baby poo”, and then soak in a hot cycle with oxygen whitener. I’ve read a lot about sun bleaching whites, but this is the north, it’s late October, and there was snow outside already while I was writing this. So oxygen whitener is my indoor sun bleach. The hot soak is also perfect for dingy whites (as many of my mine are, since I wear everything until its dying breath). Once the soak is finished, I wash clothes according to the garment’s temperature instruction with laundry detergent.

For Everyone

The laundry detergent has safe (for people and planet), easy-to-understand ingredients (under 5 ingredients in the powder), and still packs enough power to clean for the whole family. According to the site, it’s safe for HE, septic and hard water.

Laundry powder (unscented or peppermint) runs $21.99 for 120 standard loads, and the liquid detergent is $18.99 for 50 loads. Plus, save 25% with our discount code: GYPSIES at checkout on the Molly’s Suds site.

Another cloth-diaper friendly item from Molly’s Suds that works for the whole family are the Wool Dryer Balls. Our hemp diaper inserts weren’t fully drying in one dry cycle until I started adding the dryer balls to the dryer. The brand says they cut 15-30% off your dryer time. With dryer balls, there’s no need for dryer sheets (and your neighbors won’t be smelling the dryer sheet fumes oozing out of the dryer duct vent). They’re not ‘cheap’ but they last 1000 loads. My baby won’t be a baby anymore 1000 loads from now!

Extra tip: add a few essential oil drops to dryer balls, like I do with my lavender and purification essential oils.

Molly's Suds Wool Dryer Balls with Young Living Purification
Molly’s Suds Wool Dryer Balls with Young Living Purification (get more great ideas for essential oils from Native Gypsies’ friend At Home with Oils©Native Gypsies

Giveaway Alert!!!  *(update- giveaway winner has been chosen)

In partnership with Molly’s Suds, we are hosting a giveaway to our readers with one “so fresh and so clean (clean)” winner receiving:

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Molly's Suds Wool Dryer Balls and Young Living Lavender Essential Oil
Molly’s Suds Wool Dryer Balls with Young Living Lavender (get more great ideas for essential oils from Native Gypsies’ friend At Home with Oils) ©Native Gypsies




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  1. Linda
    November 8, 2017 at 3:57 pm

    Love the idea of the dryer balls with the oil. I will have to try this and check out this brand. Thanks.

  2. Maria
    November 8, 2017 at 3:59 pm

    Molly’s Suds rocks. Especially their Oxygen whitener. We use it on everything.

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