Organic homemade eggnog (full of fat, full of goodness)

Native Gypsies organic homemade eggnog

While celebrating the holiday season in France, I couldn’t find eggnog at the grocery co-op or outdoor markets. What’s a Christmas without eggnog — not a Christmas I want to know. I concocted the below eggnog recipe, which is a more traditional eggnog. Full of fat and full of goodness! 

*See the links at the end of the article if you need paleo or vegan eggnog recipes.

I was able to easily find organic versions of all the basic ingredients below. Outside of cream, you likely have everything in your cupboard and fridge for this seasonal holiday guzzler already. Well, maybe you sip, but eggnog is a guzzler in my (recipe) book!

Sorry Organic Valley, I have a new favorite.

Organic homemade eggnog (original image of eggnog: Adam Rose)

Organic Homemade Eggnog Ingredients (7): (serves 4)

I used milk and cream (both raw), and eggs (all organic) from a (female) farmer at a French outdoor market. I think the Weston A. Price folks would approve.

Instructions: (10 minutes + cooling time)

  • whisk egg yolks and honey in a bowl until slightly foamy
  • bring milk, cream and vanilla to a low simmer on a pot
  • take about a 1/2 cup of the warmed milk mixture and add it to the whisked eggs (to temper the eggs)
  • whisk remainder of the warmed milk into the egg yolk mixture
  • to thicken, return mixture to stove on lowest heat setting for a few minutes (do not allow to boil, unless you like scrambled eggnog)
  • cool in refrigerator for at least 1 hour to chill

Visit to organic farm La Ferme du Petit Bois in Normandy, France- Native Gypsies (@nativgypsies)

Fun fact: In France, eggnog is called lait de poule (hen’s milk). By the time I figured that out, I’d already whipped up two batches of this delicious organic homemade eggnog, so my search was over. But I did utilize my Francais to locate honey (miel in French) and cinnamon (cannelle). Asking for “nutmeg” with a French accent was getting me nowhere with a grocery worker. Good thing for GoogleTranslate, as I learned nutmeg translates to noix de muscade in French.


  • If you prefer eggnog that isn’t as thick as store bought, lessen or eliminate the cream (and replace with more milk).
  • Drink warm, immediately, or chill. Before sitting down to write this, I made a serving for two and drank the whole thing warm in a coffee mug. The eggnog thickens when you chill it.
  • For 21+, some folks like to add bourbon or rum to their eggnog. 1/2 cup should do the trick.
  • And some folks have dietary restrictions on their ‘nog. Try this Simple Vegan Eggnog from Simple Vegan, or Mark’s Daily Apple Primal Eggnog for a paleo version.

What holiday treat can you not live without come Christmas time? Please do share! And please do have a wholesome, happy holiday!

La Ferme du Petit Bois - Normandy France - Native Gypsies
Organic certified chickens at La Ferme du Petit Bois in Normandy, France – ©Native Gypsies

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Buy your eggs from a trusted source, and this recipe is not recommended for consuming raw eggnog.




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