I have a weakness for thrift stores.  ….and vintage dresses  ….particularly those with a brown, paper, tag, marked at $6.00 with a bold, sharpie marker at the Salvation Army.  Now, that’s a price I can afford!  Ever since I was young, I’ve been hunting through hand-me-downs and thrift stores for my hip and trendy finds. Continue reading

Native Gypsies vegan fudge smoothie inspired by Ecopolitan

The vegan fudge smoothie. Fat? Check. Calories? Check. Delicious? Check. You’ll get it all, from organic real-food ingredients, with this way-too-yummy-to-be-vegan smoothie. It’s almost a shame to call it a smoothie. It’s more of a dessert — meant to be enjoyed slowly with a spoon. And shared with those you love (if you are willing to spare any).Continue reading

Hotel Donaldson

Need a not-so-FAR-to-GO getaway? On my boyfriend’s birthday, we took a trip to F…f…f…Florida? Fiji? No. Fargo. Yes. Fargo, ND. While I’d envisioned a beach bound birthday, duty calls (work), and we were north bound and down. After doing a little homework on the city and the treasures it holds, I booked Hotel Donaldson in downtown Fargo. IContinue reading

DIY Dr. Bronner Foam Hand Wash

Before the moving boxes were unpacked upon moving into my house a couple years ago, I had my DIY mason jar foam soap pumps set out in the kitchen and bathroom sinks. The foam soap concoction (made with Dr. Bronner castile soap) even took a fresh black paint spot out of beige carpet (see my makeup brush cleanerContinue reading

eggshell plant food

Barefoot, groggy and hovering over the stove, I watched my eggs boiling in the sauce pan this morning. Thinking about all the nutrients in those lil’ eggies (from cage-free, pastured chickens), I was determined to reuse the water they cooked in. Why not water my plants with it? I let the water cool back down to roomContinue reading

salt face mask

Half-way around the world, I float lifelessly in a brine lake. At times, I fight the calm and attempt to dunk my body entirely underwater, only to be forced to the surface almost instantly. The salt goes to work, while I do nothing (I like this already), to give my skin a healthy glow, wrinkle-free appearanceContinue reading

gladiator sandal, free people, forever 21, valentino

Show off your pedicure with Grecian goddess sandals this summer. Keep it simple on top, to allow your sandals to bask in the spotlight for once. Expose those toes! On a trip to Charleston, I spotted this southern gypsy goddess playing bags at Bohemian Bull. Speaking of Bohemian Bull (I go on tangents a lot), if you’reContinue reading

boho maxi dress spring 2015 trend

This season, patterned boho maxi dresses are showing up everywhere. Get your floral or paisley maxi now, and check out my picks below to splurge or save. Floral Be bold and beautiful with a Yumi Kim Enchanted Maxi in Black Vintage Poppy for $298, or save and snag this ModCloth Gambol in the Garden dress for $69.99. PaisleyContinue reading

  Music by M A K I E & Saul Simon MacWilliams. Recorded at The Lovely Light, Produced & Arranged by Saul Simon MacWilliams.  Special Thanks, Billy Libby.  Mastered by Alex DeTurk. Video featuring Colby James West. Dir., Dylan Paffe. DP, Stephen St.Peter. Prod. Mgr. & Art Dir., Colby James West. MUA, Emily Anderson. Wardrobe,Continue reading

Sometimes you need a break.  Sometimes the sun and the open road and the possibility of something fresh, wild and windy is just enticing.  Sometimes you need to laugh and breathe and forget and discover at the same time.  Sometimes – it’s just time. Let the sun seduce you into it’s hazy rays, crisp youContinue reading