Marisa Costa + Makie @ Mad Max Premiere A Film Review by Marisa Costa Women Are Mad Too. In some small way I’ve always thought that there were two kinds of films: action films, and all the others; Action films are loud, fast, and more about spectacle than story-telling. Obviously there are some great actionContinue reading

10 healthy snack swaps

  Preservative-packed, high sugar and artificial ingredients are out. Nutrient-dense, whole food and organic ingredients are in. Clean up your cupboard at home or in the office lunchroom with these more nutritious snack food and drink swaps. You’ll be amazed at how tasty and simple these swaps are. 1. This for that: breakfast cereal SwapContinue reading

Hippie Headscarf

I was strolling in the hip, funky Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago, and in addition to great tacos at Big Star and a fancy schmancy cocktail at The Violet Hour, I spotted a new favorite way to wear a scarf (via the hippie headscarf wrap). She’s so adorable, right?! Hello, Rihanna! To get her stylish look, follow theseContinue reading

Recycle or Die.

In Bolzano, Italy, where everyone speaks German or Italian (or both), everyone understands this universal message. I spotted a beautiful Italian woman at an outdoor hotel concert event and couldn’t take my eyes off her (bag). Confidently, I strolled over her way, introduced myself and complimented her. Men, take some tips! She was all smiles as she showedContinue reading

venice gondola

Venice. Millions visit the city of romance every year. With crowded streets, low-quality food and foot blisters, the romance can quickly fizzle. Don’t get caught in the tourist trap! Before my own spring trip, I read a variety of sites that gave various do’s and don’ts, and we still ended up with our share of trialContinue reading


Loving the buch (kombucha)? Your pocket book might not be loving the kombucha factor (the new age version of the latte factor). Make your own buch hooch and save! Are you buying kombucha bottles by the case in health food stores? Popular kombucha brands (GT’s, Reeds, Synergy) cost between $3.50 and $4.50 for a 16 to 20Continue reading

dr bronner makeup brush cleaner

Dr. Bronner liquid castile soap may not have room on their bottle for any more tiny print, but if they did, makeup brush cleaner could be added to the list of many uses. If you’re turning your house into an all-natural casa, add Dr. Bronner’s Magic Pure Castile Classic Soap to your list of must-haves.Continue reading

The Lemonade Diet (Master Cleanse)

Spring has arrived! While the winter brings out our squirreling and storing habits, the spring that follows is the time for cleansing and renewal. The most well known (thanks to Beyonce and a handful of other celebrities) body cleanse is The Master Cleanse, which Peter Glickman popularized a decade ago. Inspired by Stanley Burroughs’ 1941 book, TheContinue reading

“An Escape from the New York City and the Suburbs Thereof” This weekend my friend and I rented a fabulous house in the Catskills for a few days.  We loaded up some groceries, Radar, my guitar, some art supplies, a few good books, hiking shoes and we were off! This is what we found… We cameContinue reading

Practice getting out of your own way. Take it easy a little. Stop fretting, stop meddling. Take a deep breath. Count to ten, and look around to see who and what is already in your life. Step back to get a full, clear view and proper perspective, and let your road take you where it will.