While celebrating the holiday season in France, I couldn’t find eggnog at the grocery co-op or outdoor markets. What’s a Christmas without eggnog — not a Christmas I want to know. I concocted the below eggnog recipe, which is a more traditional eggnog. Full of fat and full of goodness!  *See the links at the endContinue reading

Christmas in the Cotswolds - Lower Slaughter - Native Gypsies

Have you seen the movie The Holiday? Cameron Diaz does a house swap with Kate Winslet and spends her holiday in an English countryside stone cottage. When I told my brother- and sister-in-law we were looking for somewhere to visit during the Christmas season, they set the scene for a perfect holiday in the Cotswolds (just like the movie).Continue reading


I’ve been asking myself what the health is going on with America’s insurance the last few years, as health insurance premiums spike 50% per year for many (cough…cough…me). I needed to shop for a new health insurance carrier for 2017 since the company I’ve been insured by since I graduated is dumping me. I shouldn’t take itContinue reading

No one is perfect. Not our religious leaders. Not our presidential candidates. Not you. And not me. And now that I’ve offended you, pause and take three deep breaths before continuing. More on that later. Between then and now, contemplate this. Replace stupid with mean, angry, hateful, or any other negative attribute, and that sums upContinue reading

DIY painted kid's cowboy boots

Crafting. Garage sale deals. And cowboy boots. Three things to make any Native Gypsies girl smile. With a little craft paint, my sister and niece quickly personalized these garage sale boots to make them worthy of a fashionable, young cowgirl. You can buy these $89.50 Ariat Fatbaby Cowboy Boots… …or if you’re the DIY type, quicklyContinue reading


Life since getting married Thanksgiving weekend has been quite an adventure. My little, old-fashioned DIY wedding That’s us! Soon after our wedding, we headed to Eastern Europe as newlyweds, where my husband played for a Slovakian hockey team. We lived in a hotel suite… Healthy hotel living for the cook without a kitchen traveled around EasternContinue reading

Dane County farmer's market

Passing through Madison on a Saturday? People watch and join in on the fun as locals and tourists stroll the ring around the Capitol, sample, shop, listen to music and relax on the Capitol Square lawn. I’d heard the Capitol farmer’s market was the “best in the country.” Claims like that are worth an inquiry! While weContinue reading

Our home’s 95th anniversary continues, as does our next home project. With one guest bedroom in the books (see our first bedroom facelift below), the adjoining guest bedroom was poised for a mini facelift. This old home: bedroom facelift before and after On to guest bedroom number two! WALLS wallpaper What appeared to be the original plaster walls were exposed as my husband and I removedContinue reading


You can be fit without a gym, religious without a place of worship, and a yogi without a yoga studio.  This post was made possible by Blogger Babes and contains affiliate links. I received a complimentary subscription of the Yoga Download service in exchange for my honest review. Thoughts are 100% my own. The yoga-less yogisContinue reading