Have you heard of tea sandwiches? Your grandparents probably enjoyed the bite-sized sandwiches during a mid-day break to tide them over until supper (or dinner, depending on where you live geographically). BLTs are thought to have gained popularity for tea time. Using in-season ingredients sans bread, try my fresh take on the classic American tea sandwich. Breadless BLTContinue reading


You’re in for a treat today, as you get a sneak peak into the tiny, fantastical world of Jessy Muller. Since you’ll undoubtedly adore her, as I do, we’ll spotlight her again in the future as she travels around the U.S. in her vintage ’70s camper. Before she departs on her tour, discover how she lives lifeContinue reading

At a certain point in my life and “pursuit of ________ (happiness, career, self-realization, inner growth…)” I teetered on the fence about whether or not I really wanted kids, …but when it came down to it, I knew I did. It had to be with the right person, though.  And if that person wasn’t to be discovered,Continue reading


Planning a trip to the Napa Valley wine country? When my husband (then boyfriend) and I planned our stay, we sought out an apartment or B&B that felt connected to the local community and culture. We found it on Airbnb with this five star Wine Country Private Guest Suite in the Coombsville AVA (American Viticultural Area) of Napa. Here’s my five reasonsContinue reading

My husband and I are building & designing our first house to sell in Los Angeles, California. (Toluca Lake, to be exact.) In fact, we are aiming for our own HGTV show!  Wouldn’t that be fabulous? Todd is a stunt man.  Here he is on the TV show, “Nip Tuck”, doubling John Hensley (Matt McNamara). Continue reading

Model and Texas native Lacey Lamon found a new name and a new home when she moved to Minnesota. Now Lacey Salley, the mother of three continues her modeling career, just at a more relaxed pace. I first met Lacey nearly a decade ago, and she’s as sweet as any native Minnesotan (must be herContinue reading

Like Father, Like Daughter

“Oh, NOW I see why you are the way you are,” my husband joked to me once he started spending quality time with my dad. I thought daughters were supposed to marry someone like their father. Apparently not when they ARE like their father. On this Father’s Day, instead of sharing wonderful memories that shaped me into who I am, I laughContinue reading


My ode to Ball, Kerr and Atlas continues from last week’s post on mason jar lids. 5 lids to morph your mason jars into kitchen gadgets My favorite place in my hometown is on our family farm. Lately, we’ve been clearing sheds for a farm party. My husband (the “city slicker” to my dad) uncovered mason jarsContinue reading

Welcome to our baby cove!  As the clock is quickly winding down to delivery time, my need to NEST has kicked in like crazy, and now that our corner nursery is complete – I can rest easy! HA.  Mockery I say.  I dispute that very self-made statement.   Rest, I shall… as well as any expecting mother can…Continue reading

5 lids for your mason jar - native gypsies

My affection for mason jars probably stems from childhood while playing in the barn, where hundreds of various colors and sizes were stored in the milk room. I’m always inventing and searching for more uses for mine. Check out these five ways to morph your mason jars into kitchen gadgets and gizmos. Surprise: you probably alreadyContinue reading