Get out in nature to see and smell Springtime! Go on a photo tour with us through Minnesota, Arizona and Florida to SPRING into a world of COLOR. Minnesota #Tulip Awake! Get out in #nature and celebrate #earthweek ( #spring in #minnesota ) -Brooke #red #flower #flowerstagram #flowersoftheday #floweroftheday #flowersofinstagram #plant A photo posted by NativeContinue reading


Ljubljana, the hidden tourist gem of Europe, is such a treasure I’m almost hesitant to share its magic. The capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana (AKA “Dragon City“) is filled with good food, good wine and plenty of green (it’s the European Green Capital of 2016). I could get used to this view. And it lights up green at night! (Continue reading

Weleda Skin Food

When someone turns 90, you throw a celebration with those you love! When Weleda’s Skin Food turns 90, you get everyone to celebrate something you love! And you give out gifts* (see end of post for giveaway details). I’ve been using Weleda’s organic, nourishing Skin Food cream on my head, shoulders, knees and toes (and nails,Continue reading

13 foods to reuse: don't throw that out (Native Gypsies)

Throwing food waste in the garbage, garbage disposal or down the sink can be a habit you don’t second-guess as you food prep. Before you throw that out, think about a second use for your food scraps, veggie stalks and peels. Check out 13 foods commonly disposed of, and how you can give them new life. NewContinue reading

Compassion. Pass it on.

To the worker at the Budapest Airport who stole four 1000 forint bills from my luggage, thank you for inspiring me to write this and reminding me that compassion is a virtue that we should never allow anyone or anything to steal from us. Karma (as defined by Google) is When we take things that aren’t ours to possess, theContinue reading

We didn’t experience mineral hot springs growing up in the Midwest. The closest I’d come to one is someone recounting a visit to a hot spring in the western United States and her family being horrified that everyone was naked! As an adult, finding and visiting hot springs in the areas we travel to are someContinue reading

Church of St. Martin in Čerín

On the top of a hill overlooking the peaceful village of Cerin (Čerín) in Slovakia sits a quiet church with a gothic history. Cerin is located 12 miles from the edge of Banska Bystrica (Banská Bystrica) in central Slovakia. (Google map directions from Banska Bystrica to Cerin). We toured the perimeter of the church, and the entrance to St.Continue reading

I will forever love wearing hand-me-downs from my family.  Especially the vintage items.  Although, I’m sure my mom doesn’t appreciate that her High School graduation dress is considered vintage.  But that just means I’m getting old, too.  So we’ll accept that, and step into our wise, womanhood with grace and beauty, and the perfect amountContinue reading


How do you eat healthy at home when you don’t have a kitchen to cook in? Just like making a craft meal, the chef in you needs to channel your creative side! Whether you’re living in a hotel due to work, or living in a kitchen-less dorm or studio, you can still cook health-conscious meals at yourContinue reading