Use the handy dandy widget below to enter to win our $200 value Natural Prize Pack + a $25 Etsy gift card! (I love that place.)  Choose any or all of the entry options to throw your name in the hat.  If you have any questions hit us up with an email and we willContinue reading

It’s the weekend. Time to go shopping. But the weather is too perfect to be inside. What’s a girl to do? Take the party outside! It’s unusually warm this Minnesota Fall day, and I unusually have the day off (no pressing business and no harvest farm work yet). Ahhhhh. I took the party to the streetsContinue reading

upcycled wood pallet coat rack with meat hooks

There’s no shortage on ways to upcycle wood pallets. One of the simplest ways (no deconstruction required) is a coat rack. Put in your entryway to encourage your household to hang up their hats, bags and coats. No more floor clutter! This project cost a total of $0. Wood pallet: free (from a work site*)Continue reading

I have a weakness, and it’s not shoes.  It’s old-man sweaters!  I have an overabundance of them. This 80’s vintage cardi jumped off the rack and into my arms at the Salvation Army.  He ran away with me for $3.00.  A total steal. I snagged this 1940’s men’s fedora as part of a barter agreementContinue reading


It’s not the world famous bull on Wall Street, but this bull on my wall is famous in my house. Make your own inexpensive (artificial or real) “trophy animal” wall art! A department store at the Mall of America had the same idea (though my frame looked a tad more worse for wear). Last year duringContinue reading

Have you ever thought about what it means to see someone, truly? Have you ever wished to be understood – completely? I have. We live in a society of “Next”.  A swipe generation that can instantly ‘like’ and move on without consequence.  We have so many options vying for our attention.  It’s a world ofContinue reading

The power of the ocean waves rhythmically hitting the shore are a majestic display of karma. Waves roll out to sea, but always return to the shore. On a trip to Tybee Island last weekend, I discovered hidden treasure in the sand. Rewind to earlier in the day. My fiance Matt and I were exploring DuPontContinue reading

I like to travel: for work and for pleasure.  I like living in different places.  That’s the “gypsy” in me, but sometimes it can be unsettling.  When nothing seems familiar, when your anchor escapes you, when you’re in transition – how do you find your rhythm?  What makes you feel “at home” even if youContinue reading