When Clothing Inspires Action

Native Gypsies’ Makie, in prAna Lorelei Sun Top

Having grown up on a farm intrinsically makes me an ever-conscious person with how my foot-steps impact the earth.  Now that I live by the ocean, I am becoming increasingly more interested in how we can care for the Aquatic life of Nature’s deep, under belly in the fathoms below!

Native Gypsies’ Makie, in prAna Mika Strappy Top

Practicing Yoga helps me attune to the life within myself.  Every breath I take is a part of a larger, more expansive rhythm & cycle shared by all humans, plant-life, animals, and tiny cells of the Universe.  We are all connected… all one… all part of the same stuff, and what we do affects the rest of the whole.

Native Gypsies’ Makie, in prAna Mika Strappy Top

I am so excited to discover prAna clothing, a grass-roots company that aims to give back more than they take from the earth.  All of their items are mindfully made in order to support fair trade & sustainable practices, and, I must say, they are creatively comfortable and stylishly satiate my desire for fashion that is unique & functional!

Native Gypsies’ Makie, in prAna Mika Strappy Top

I brought this prAna Mika Strappy Top on our recent family vacation – excited for the “excuse” to take a mindful minute on the sands of Anna Maria Island, FL.  Whether you’re in downward dog on the beach or on your mat in class or at home, why not feel a little bit cute in a cozy bra-top with a sheer, flowy outer-layer that keeps you breezy on the beach or lightly bathed in Bikram heat 😉 !

Todd & Makenzie Bloomer w/”Kauai Yoga on the Beach” @ Anini Beach

My husband and I took time to do a private, gentle practice with Kauai Yoga on the Beach instructor, Anya, on our belated honeymoon in Hawaii.  It was a lovely way to connect with our surroundings and be thankful for the wind on our skin, the waves at our feet and the sun shining upon us.

Todd & Makenzie Bloomer paddle boarding in Hanalei Bay, Kauai

He also got me hooked on paddle boarding in Hanalei Bay!

Native Gypsies’ Makie, in prAna Lorelei Sun Top

Now, look at me go on our family vacay in my prAna Lorelei Sun Top!

Native Gypsies’ Makie, in prAna Lorelei Sun Top

I’m a total pro. 😉

Native Gypsies’ Makie, in prAna Lorelei Sun Top

I credit my skills to the colorful clothing!  We are moving soon (this week, in fact!) from our LA abode to a Ventura home on the water.  I’ve no doubt I’ll be wearing this rash guard nearly daily for comfort, warmth and protection.  Plus, I just think it’s PRETTY!

Makenzie & kids @ Anna Maria Island, FL

I’ll be looking to suit up these kiddos in prAna gear, as sand-castle building for Little Miss Smiley will be a daily practice, and diving & surfing keeps Mr. Cool on the go.  While I continue to mother these two, beautiful kids, I will keep looking for clothes that help shape our planet and increase the awareness of souls young and old.

Thankfully, we’ve got a special, 15% off code for all of us to use!

Native Gypsies’ Makie, in prAna Mika Strappy Top

As a gift from Native Gypsies, visit prAna.com and use code, MSS17NG, at check-out. 🙂

Native Gypsies’ Makie, in prAna Lorelei Sun Top

I hope you have a wonderfully active Summer, and may you be inspired to reach out and share positivity with your peers and take small steps each day to make our world a better place.  Perhaps, start with your 15% off purchase at prAna!

Lots of love,





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