Retro Renovation: Digging for Treasures

Todd bought a house to fix n’ flip.


This is Todd.  I thought you’d like to see him.

(He has a boat, and therefore he is “Captain”.)


Captain CAAAAVE MAAAAAN, that is!

The house has this great little garage with the most fabulous wallpaper I ever did see…


And lots of junk to dig through.  Seriously, it’s a most exciting treasure hunt.  To some, an annoying job.  To me, a trip into the life of the previous homeowner.  It’s fascinating what you can dream up about a person’s life based upon their books and bobbles.


We came out with piles of funky finds!  Old books to use for pen & ink drawings, colorful dishes, pictures, vinyls, and something I’m going to use to plant a few succulents outside my door!


Oh, and these totally rad 70’s sunglasses.  Who do you think wore ’em better???  (I don’t know, but they ended up with him, and not in my pile!)


Got an old house or barn full of clutter?  Call 1 – 800 – GYP – SIES*.  We’ll cull the cool stuff and clear out the “crap”!

Share your retro renovations & dumpster dives with us on social media @NativeGypsies.

Hashtag #NativeGypsies.  Woo!

I don’t know who you’d get on the other end of the line if you really did call that phone number above, but you can CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US BY EMAIL!

Happy Digging!

xo Makie




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