Running in Dreams

Don’t you hate that?  How you can’t run in your dreams?  Why didn’t they show that in the movie, Inception? They ran just fine!  They even dodged buildings and fought the bad guys!

Running in a dream feels like your limbs are climbing through peanut butter, and as you keep trying to run the peanut butter churns into an almost clay-like substance making it increasingly harder to pick up the pace.

You know what I’m talking about, right?!

I don’t know if I really have a point here, but I’ll try to make one…

I often talk about dreams, dreaming big and so forth.  How do our subconscious dreams relate to our conscious ones?  I know why it feels like we can’t run in our sleep, but perhaps there’s no need to be running awake either (in relation to our dreams that is).  By all means, keep exercising 😉  Maybe we don’t have to run to anything or even from anything.  Perhaps it’s all within us.  Maybe all we have to do is cultivate the ground we’re standing on and our dreams will be realized within us instead of at some distant point in the future!   Similarly, those things we may be running from (those things we fear the most) can be faced while standing on a solid and firm foundation.  Turn around and look fear in the eyes.  It can be dealt with, dissolved and healed.  Just as your dreams can be realized within so can healing and strength.

That’s my peanut butter wisdom of the day.  Simple and sweet – like a PB & J.





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