Secrets in the sand: gold treasure found at Tybee Island

Love On The Beach Native Gypsies
Photo: Brooke

The power of the ocean waves rhythmically hitting the shore are a majestic display of karma. Waves roll out to sea, but always return to the shore.

Karma: whatever you do will always come back to you

– unknown

On a trip to Tybee Island last weekend, I discovered hidden treasure in the sand.
Treasures At The Beach Native GypsiesRewind to earlier in the day. My fiance Matt and I were exploring DuPont State Forest near Asheville, NC. In the land of waterfalls, we hiked to Hooker Falls (famous from Last of the Mohicans) and Triple Falls (Hunger Games). Crouched near a stream and peering in, I was mesmerized by the sparkling rocks below the surface of the water. “What if we find gold?” I excitedly hollered to Matt. This was before I crossed a stream and wiped out on the slime-covered rocks, sacrificing my blood to the falls. Totally unrelated to this story; thought I’d admit my general clumsiness to you.

Brooke Ziegler Triple Falls DuPont State Forest
Brooke looking for treasures below the surface at Triple Falls (DuPont State Forest)

Fast forward to later that day. We made the mini-roadtrip from the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina to the beaches of Tybee Island in Georgia. We no sooner unloaded our bags into our beach rental before we made a run for the beach!

The waves were rough that first day. Before sunset, we walked the beach to explore the shoreline. We made footprints in the sand, though the waves quickly covered any trace of our steps. As I looked down at my feet and was about to say that we should search for seashells, I noticed a shining round circle barely exposed in the compacted, wet sand. The water brushed over it, unveiling even more of the object, and I curiously picked up a gold wedding band.
Tybee Island Gold Wedding Band Lost And Found Native Gypsies

When I told my fiance earlier that day that I wanted to find gold, a ring is not what I had in mind. I immediately remembered that whatever we do, and whatever we think about, will always come back to us. Thank you for listening, world. I’ll be more specific about my requests next time;)

The band showed little signs of wear, and we were both perplexed as to where it originated from. We walked the beach and talked to everyone in sight. We talked to lifeguards to see if anyone had reported a lost ring. Nothing.

Where did it come from? Is someone missing the found treasure? How did the strong current not wash the ring away into the sea? Did the current carry the ring on shore from the ocean? The curious cat in me had to know. I HAVE to know.

Interestingly enough, Matt recently proposed, and while I have a ring, we don’t have a ring for him yet. The lost gold ring fit! Maybe it was the world giving us a sign that we need to find him a ring soon. My dad said someone probably threw it in the ocean, and it wasn’t good to hold on to it. Before we brought the ring into our beach rental, I held it and asked of the world that it come from a loving and happy home, and said that we’d safeguard it in our happy and loving home til the right thing to do made itself known to us. Sound crazy? Hey, I mentioned in passing that I wanted to find gold in the water and that happened!

Here’s the challenge I’m posing.


If you lost a gold ring at Tybee Beach, or know of someone who did, Native Gypsies wants to hear from you

We were several hundred yards north of the pier when I spotted the ring (assuming a men’s wedding band) nearly buried in the sand, so it may have been lost right there, or floated in from the ocean.

Describe the ring, tell me what the inside of the ring says or send a picture. If it matches what I hold in my hand, it’s yours! One caveat. Do me the honor of sharing your story. The Native Gypsies community (and me) must know about the mystery behind the treasure in the sand.

Whoever is the rightful owner, make yourself known! Get in contact with Native Gypsies, and we’ll feature you on the site.

Karma, we ask that you work your magic one more time! Please share.

*Note: After one day of this post going live, I’ve had over a dozen responses of men’s wedding rings that were lost on Tybee Beach. I had no idea there would be so many men who’s rings were swept up into the Atlantic. We certainly don’t want to get your hopes up if this isn’t your ring. If you ring does not have any pattern on the outside, isn’t gold, or doesn’t have markings on the inside of the band, then I would recommend calling (912) 786-9873 and letting them know you lost your ring. I located this number on the Tybee Beach Ocean Rescue Facebook page. We were told by the lifeguards that day that they have a team of workers that combs the beach with metal detectors, and stores all their findings in a small building near the pier. I wish you the best in your search, and I’ll keep this page updated when we locate the ring’s owner.

Photo: Brooke on Tybee Island




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  1. Kellie Clayton
    August 20, 2015 at 8:16 pm

    Hello ! My husband and I was married June 8 1989 in Macon Georgia and we went to tybee island for our honeymoon. We went to the beach to go swimming and he lost is wedding band which if I remember its size is 12 or 13. So he didn’t wear it but just a few days lol . When we got back home is when he told me he had lost it . Don’t know if it’s the same ring but when I saw your story it made me think of our lost wedding band .

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