Seven tips to make your new year’s resolution a reality (and my wall of goals)

Pictures move people. Hairdo inspiration? Pin it. Goal body? Pin it. House of your dreams? Pin…pin…pin. Online picture boards have burst in popularity, and while I think Pinterest boards are incredible, I’m still old fashioned when it comes to goal boards.

My new motivational chalkboard wall

If there’s something I want to do, achieve or be, I visualize it. I write it out. I cut out pictures of it to post throughout my house. And I don’t wait for the new year; it’s something I think about year round (not just the new year).

Jackie Mart, a holistic health coach and owner of Optimum Wellness, hosts goal-setting and vision board classes. To take your new year’s goal from resolution to reality, check out her seven tips to setting a goal:

Goal Setting:

1.   Decide exactly what you want.

2.   Write your goal down on paper in the present tense as if you have already fulfilled your goal.

3.   Set a deadline.

4.   Make a list of everything you could possibly think of that you will have to do to achieve your goal.

5.   Take your list and organize it into a plan.

6.   “Take action!”

7.   Do something EVERY DAY to move you toward your major goal! 

Jackie coaches her clients in-person and remotely to reach their fitness and health goals. Whatever you want to make happen in 2016, put it in front of you! My husband and I just redid a room in our house, and we included a chalkboard wall. This nook is the perfect spot to jot down motivating quotes, inspirational messages and goals.

Room Makeover: Complete with chalkboard motivational wall

 Since the wall is in one of our guest rooms*, I included goals appropriate for us, and anyone staying over. Just like you feed your body with healthy food, feed your brain with healthy thoughts to become your best YOU.

*To see our guest room transformation, see “This old home: bedroom facelift before and after“.





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