Shake up your post workout with this drink

Think your post workout glow can’t get any better? Try sipping on this cool chai drink. Your body gains all the sweet anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric and loses the added sugar of a typical store-bought cold chai.

Turmeric: this often-ignored spice from your mother’s cupboard is having a big moment. If you haven’t heard, read 10 healthy benefits of turmeric*.

Gaia turmeric boost restore

I am a sucker (a sugar sucker) for the cold chai drinks at stores and coffee shops! Instead of spending $3.50-4.50 and crash post drink, save calories and sugar, plus get the added benefits of herbs and digestive prebiotics from Gaia Herbs restore**.

Shake one packet (or one scoop in the tub) with your favorite milk (my pick is unsweetened vanilla coconut milk). Delicious!

A drink this tasty is too good to be made in your plastic shaker. You know the one. The one you can’t quite get the smell out of after you left it sit dirty in your car overnight.

mason jar reCAP protein drink
reCAP mason jar lid in wide mouth- red ($7)

I make anything from kefir water to dr. bronner foam hand soap in mason jars, and I’d been looking for a cap to make my protein and greens shakes in mason jars too.

Yes, you can shake up a drink with the canning jar lid intact (and unscrew it every time you take a sip), but I was scouring the web for a shaker top that fit my regular and wide-mouth mason jars. Upon first look, I didn’t find anything.

The entrepreneur in me said “if you can’t find it, invent it.” Then, the procrastinator in me forgot about this idea for a couple months. Like any good idea, it found its way back in the forefront.

In my web search the second time around, I uncovered the reCAP (sold by The reCAP has won design awards, is BPA free and it was invented by a mother facing a challenge and solving the problem (Karen Rzepecki wanted a cap she could make, shake and pour her homemade salad dressing from). Deal breaker? The reCAP sells for $7 and comes in a variety of colors. I have the regular and wide-mouth in bright, bold red.

mason jar reCAP protein drink
reCAP mason jar lid in wide mouth- red ($7) and shaker ball from plastic shaker bottle does not offer a shaker ball, so you’ll have to use the ball from another device, or you can try an ice cube. I used the ice cube method for years.

A glass shaker for my protein and greens drinks? Check! A delicious chai drink that cuts excess sugars from my diet without sacrificing taste? Check! Baby steps to help me be a better me each day. Now, just to make those sweat-provoking workouts a consistent habit!

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