Party Planning in LA… First stop: Flower District! Final Destination: Bluewater Grill

Makie (Makenzie Bloomer) | Native Gypsies | LA Flower District

A month after we married in Minnesota, we had a party in Los Angeles for friends and family on the West Coast.

Our reception destination was the Bluewater Grill in Redondo which is situated right on the harbor where our boat is docked.  The views from their upstairs, Avalon Room are perfect for gazing at the sunset over the ocean and marina below.

Sunset View | Bluewater Grill | Redondo, CA

Todd loves to watch the sun set on the ocean, so that was a must-have!

But what to do with decorations?  The venue has it’s own nautical charm, with exposed, white, wooden beams, and great views.  But we needed to do something to bring a bit of our wedding vibe to our social soirée!

Thankfully, our friend, Shannon, suggested stopping at the Flower Market – AND – she had some great vintage jars she let us borrow.

Shannon Beach-Loureiro & Little L

Thank you, Shannon!

So my mom and I headed downtown the morning of our event…


The market was just closing, which worked to our benefit.


As workers were carting away these beautiful buds, we quickly asked if we could grab what we needed.  Once given approval, we were decisive.  “Three dollars a bunch for Sunflowers?  I’ll take Nine!”  And so it continued…


Upon completion, we walked away with heaps of flowers at a mere cost of $68.00!  Plus, they threw in extra, FREE Sunflowers and Roses!  If you’ve purchased flowers for events in the past, you know what a SAVINGS this was.  And they were gorgeous, fresh, and colorful!

Shelly Greimann (The Prairie Chick)

Thank goodness my mama, Shelly (The Prairie Chick), knows how to arrange flowers and is a pro at design and decor.

Matt & Brooke Ziegler Hussey | Todd & Makenzie Bloomer

Native Gypsies, Brooke, and her husband, Matt, flew in from Minnesota too, so she helped cut and arrange. 🙂


We dressed the “naked” cake from Torrance Bakery.  I love the rustic feel of the cake showing through the frosting.  My amazing sister MADE our Minnesota “naked” cake – entirely Gluten Free & Vegan for those of us in the family with Celiac and other allergies!  It was delicious and beautiful!  You can read about it & get the recipe on my mom’s blog: Brianna Saves the Day: Chocolate Wedding Cake.


The tables were set.


And bits of our wedding day were brought in to share.


A place for cards.


And a station for writing messages in a bottle!  (If you decide to employ this very CUTE idea, be warned, it’s a little difficult to fish for your messages!)


Todd discovered a chopstick did quite well, and we had a blast reading them.  Whoever drew this, thank you! We love it.  Haha.


We had a fabulous time celebrating our love at another special event.


With music for each other, ♡

Vivien Lesiak Gaines | Justin Sheehy | Todd Bloomer | Kyle Weishaar

With friends,


And so many people we cherish and ADORE!!!




About Makie ↞ Maker of Indie/Folk Music & Art. Lover of horses, farm & natural living. Earth child here @NativeGypsies. Living the SoCal Beach-Life & Midwest Farm-Life. ↠ Meet MakieStories by Makie

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4 comments on “Party Planning in LA… First stop: Flower District! Final Destination: Bluewater Grill

  1. Shelly
    May 19, 2016 at 1:42 pm

    The flower market and your party were amazing! Love all the music, friends, and the amazing salmon we had for supper! The staff at the Blue Water Grill were awesome to work with. What a great day and a great weekend!

    • Makie
      May 20, 2016 at 6:28 pm

      It WAS great, wasn’t it?! Such fun. Thank you for bringing your creativity to another event. Love you xoxo

  2. Nancy Lane
    May 20, 2016 at 1:26 pm

    Beautiful! Congratulations!!

    • Makie
      May 20, 2016 at 6:29 pm

      Thank you Nancy!!

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