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Lacey Lamon Salley - model - Native Gypsies
Lacey Lamon (Salley) – Fashion Model Directory

Model and Texas native Lacey Lamon found a new name and a new home when she moved to Minnesota. Now Lacey Salley, the mother of three continues her modeling career, just at a more relaxed pace. I first met Lacey nearly a decade ago, and she’s as sweet as any native Minnesotan (must be her big Texas heart!) Since she never talked about her jet-setting modeling career, I decided Native Gypsies needed to share her story. As my Grandma Lillie (a radio personality) used to say, “everyone has a story.”

Lacey Lamon Salley - model - Native Gypsies
Lacey Lamon (Salley) – Fashion Model Directory

Before she was a wife and mother, Lacey Salley’s life used to revolve around castings and New York City nightlife. “I (would) have 10 to 15 castings in the city, and at night, there would be a party or event they would want us to go to,” remarked Salley. “Very busy life and not a lot of sleep” is how Salley sums the modeling lifestyle in NYC.

When asked what the main difference is between her time spent modeling in New York and Europe compared to the Twin Cities, Salley answers that while those markets are larger, Minnesota has a huge asset in Target (the retail giant is based in Minneapolis, MN).

The nearly 6 foot tall beauty started her career at age 14 in Texas. She simply attended an open call and was signed with an agency. Dallas offered the youth a lot of catalog work with J.C. Penney and Dillards. She also walked the runway for Neiman Marcus. It didn’t take long for Salley to take her talents nationally and internationally. Her mother agency contacted agencies in New York and Europe, and Salley signed with them when she arrived.

While pursuing her career in New York and Europe, Salley lived in model lofts. With all the girls sharing the space, housing was not too costly. She admits living in the lofts had its ups and downs. While she was able to share and hang out with the other girls, New York fashion week was crowded. “Lots of girls and little space,” Salley exclaims. There could be 10 to 12 girls at a time in one loft. Try to picture 10 young women all trying to get ready in one bathroom!

Career highlights that came to mind for Salley included modeling for Abercrombie and Fitch, L’oreal True Match Make-up, and Stella McCartney’s Fall line in Paris.

Lacey Lamon Salley - model - Native Gypsies
Lacey Lamon (Salley) – Fashion Model Directory

Tip for Beginning Models

For young women looking to be discovered, Salley points out that a true agency won’t charge them (for classes, website fees, comp cards, etc). If a model has great potential, the agency will make their money by booking them for jobs.

Salley credits her mother and her family for supporting her career every step of the way. She adds that her mom was her “right hand man”, and her mom even traveled with her to Europe. And it was that support that made a huge difference for Salley in the experiences she went through in the modeling industry.

Lacey Lamon Salley - model - Native Gypsies
Lacey Lamon (Salley) – Fashion Model Directory

When the subject of whether her own two (already stunning) girls will model is brought up, Salley tells me while she know her girls will be tall, she will let them “decide for themselves when they are old enough to choose what they want to do.”

Lacey Salley - model - Native Gypsies
Lacey Salley – Imgrum (@rossermakeup)

After spending her youth living a life little girls dream of, I asked what she would change if she had the opportunity to do it all again. Confident yet humble, Salley says she wouldn’t change a thing.

Thanks, Lacey! You’re a beauty (inside and out).





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