Spring into a world of color

But just to keep alive isn’t enough…To live you must have sunshine and freedom and a little flower to love! – Hans Christian Andersen (excerpt from “The Butterfly” in Sommerfuglen)

Get out in nature to see and smell Springtime!

Go on a photo tour with us through Minnesota, Arizona and Florida to SPRING into a world of COLOR.


Plant a rainbow of flowers at your home to bring color to your world after the winter time.

The color of springtime is in the flowers, the color of winter is in the imagination – Terri Guillemets

Or plant an actual flower rainbow! Mother nature doesn’t discriminate.

Flowers may steal the spotlight, but evidence of Spring glistens right beneath your feet.

Morning dew (Photo: Brooke – Native Gypsies)

Walk on the grass with your barefeet (AKA grounding). Give your feeties a chemical-free lawn to run, skip and dance around on, with green tips from the National Wildlife Federation.


During our visit to south Florida, we spotted tree colors straight out of a Dr. Seuss book. The Jacaranda (lavender-colored) and Tabebuia (yellow) trees were a wonder to this native Minnesotan.

Florida Tabebuia Trees (Photo: Brooke – Native Gypsies)

I couldn’t pass up photographing my favorite color – RED!


You may think of dry, barren desert when you envision Arizona, but even the desert comes to life!

The Superstition Mountains match the golden sun in the Springtime.

My husband hiking Hieroglyphic Trail on Superstition Mountain (Photo: Brooke – Native Gypsies)

Cacti burst with bold color. Our hike kept getting interrupted by my stopping to look at the array of cactus blossoms. Painful things can be beautiful too!

Blossoming cactus – Superstition Mountains (Photo: Brooke – Native Gypsies)

Below the mountain, the orange trees scent the sky with a most delicious perfume.

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Happy Earth Day.

Spring into a World of Color (Photo Collage: Brooke – Native Gypsies)




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