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taketimeTAKE TIME.


This morning I ate my usual, rice flour and almond toast, breakfast while sitting on my yoga mat.  If that’s all I could do, play the “Scoundscapes” channel on my TV and sit cross-legged on my yoga mat while eating my toast…that was better than nothing.  A few minutes later I rolled up to my desk to start the business day and was greeted by two internet browsers open with at least twenty-five different tabs displayed across my mac and my extended monitor.  On top of that I had eleven programs open, each containing one to fifteen items – ready for my attention.  My mac needed a clean-up and a re-start and my Makie needed it too.


Do you ever feel overloaded or trapped?  Maybe it’s your job, a relationship, your health or your finances?  For me, it’s my workload – don’t get me wrong, I am happy to have so much work and I am thankful for the blessing of a growing business.  But, more often than not, I let my duties and responsibilities take priority over other areas of my life that need attention too.  I have a feeling I’m not alone on this one.  We tell ourselves, I’ll take time for myself after the kids are old enough for school, after the laundry is done, after I get my masters, or after I finish this next project – but the completion of that next project usually turns over another project that demands attention and another and another….until we are left wondering why we can’t seem to find enough time for a little self-care.


I saw this wonderful play last night (Welcome to the Woods, you should see it if you can.)  Many interpretations could be gathered from audience members after the show, but one thing was clear.  A woman finds herself trapped beneath a fallen tree and yet she remained stuck even after a friend tried to help.  Turns out – it may very well have been up to her to free herself.  How true is that?  We can sit back and let our life’s predicaments dictate our well-being or we can claim our power, take charge and simply roll over that tree and clear a path that is perfect in its own unique way.  Here’s a few tricks, ask friends for help and pray for strength, clarity and ease.


If that little girl inside of you were able to raise her hand and tell you exactly what she’d like, (and you were able to give it to her)….what would that be?  Does she simply want to run through a meadow covered in morning dew or does she want a set of paints, a coloring book, an easy-bake oven, a basketball, a pony, dance shoes, a baseball bat?  What do you need?  I’m guessing you need at least an hour each day to read a book, take a dance class, work out at the gym, ride a horse, laugh with friends, practice yoga, take a walk, join a soccer league, learn a new recipe…(fill in the blank.)


There’s one vital thing I’m learning in life and that is if we want to be good at our jobs and roles as wife, mother, sister, student, boss, friend… we have to fill our inner well by taking time for ourselves to recharge and be inspired!  I know I am a happier person when I have time to sing or when I’m involved in the arts.  I also feel better after a good workout or taking time to meditate or practice yoga.  Believe it or not, a walk in the woods is also a quick fix or, a favorite, riding my horse down a dirt road in open country air.


There are certain things in life that makes each of us tick.  You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to make sure you take time for those things.  Doing so will make sure you are properly wired and wound with energy and fulfillment.  Consequently, everything else in life will come together like clockwork.  There will be joy in your heart and you will have more love and attention to give to those around you.


On that note, I’m going to take a look at my calendar and make sure I reserve space for me, or perhaps it’s the little girl inside of me, or a combination of both.  I hope you do the same!





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