Wherever you roam, take yoga with you

Yoga takes you into the present moment, the only place where life exists. -Anonymous

You can be fit without a gym, religious without a place of worship, and a yogi without a yoga studio. 

This post was made possible by Blogger Babes and contains affiliate links. I received a complimentary subscription of the Yoga Download service in exchange for my honest review. Thoughts are 100% my own.

The yoga-less yogis

I’m far from the Yoda of yoga, so I benefit from a guiding instructor, yet the last time I was able to take a series of scheduled yoga classes at a studio was nearly a few years ago. The ancient practice of yoga calms and connects the body, mind and soul, but when your work and travel schedule is ever-changing, the thought of signing up for yoga classes you can’t commit to or attend is stressful. Or for you, it might be a demanding workload or hectic life as a mom that keeps you away from the practice. Whatever your reason (even if it’s feeling like you don’t fit in with the svelte Lululemon wearing 20 somethings effortlessly perfecting straddle handstands). Especially if it’s feeling like you don’t fit into that crowd! News: you don’t have to! Yoga is about loving and learning about your beautiful body and being the present moment.


Take yoga anywhere

If you’re too busy to do yoga, DO YOGA.

Bring the yoga studio wherever you roam with Yoga Download, an affordable, online yoga membership website. A month of unlimited classes on Yoga Download will run you much less than a single studio class.
Exclusive Half Price Offer at YogaDownload.com

Yoga Download offers all types of yoga that you can take anywhere! If you still prefer yoga at the gym, find an unused studio and set up the computer! Do it at home, at work, in a hotel or at a friends. Charge up your laptop, and take Yoga Download out in nature so you can be grounded with the earth as you practice. Soon, you’ll be practicing outdoors without instruction!

A photo posted by Jessy Muller (@mypeeperspeep) on

Native Gypsies friend Jessy has a passion for combining her two loves of nature and yoga. See our recent post on this spirited yogi and tiny home owner.

Spotlight: tiny home owner Jessy Muller

Want to teach yoga?

Yoga Download offers yoga teaching courses (full program or individual classes)! I’m picturing Miss Jessy (above) traveling the United States in her Commander while getting certified to teach classes on her road stops. Jessy, let us know where you’ll be and we’ll sign up!
Become a Certified Yoga Instructor Online!
The teaching program is separate from the membership for yoga classes.


I challenge you to run out of classes to take. The options can be overwhelming at first, so start out by using the filters to choose your favorite style of yoga or your level (and then add any of interest to your wishlist to try). There’s also barre classes, pilates and meditation! All my favorites!

No “boot camps” or intensive cycling classes for this girl. Sounds terrifying. And sometimes the sound of getting fit is terrifying enough.

Here’s a few of my recommendations.


yoga download

Yoga to Spark Your Creativity

Chakra Vinyasa Workshop


Pilates-Yoga Fusion

The Perfect Mix: Pilates & Yoga


Sacred Sexuality for Women – Meditation

Partner Meditation

There’s duo yoga classes on Yoga Download too! Do yoga with a friend or partner, like Native Gypsies’ friend Stacie (of The Real Food Dieticians).

Or do yoga with your baby (at as early as four weeks)!

My NATIVE GYPSIES partner, lifelong friend and ray of light Makie just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl!

I’d love to share all the photos, but I don’t want to spoil her surprise. Stay tuned for Makie’s news on her tiny, little NATIVE GYPSY.

Experiment with Yoga

If you’re not ready to start a membership, Yoga Download offers free classes to sample first. FREE. Music to my ears.
Free classes at YogaDownload.com
The online catalog of options is unbelievable. Be open to trying new classes each time; listen to your body to help you discover the perfect class for you at that time. And you can choose a class for the amount of time you have available (whether it’s 10 minutes in the morning or 30 minutes at lunch.)

Thank you to the Blogger Babes for introducing me and the NATIVE GYPSIES community to #TakeYogaAnywhere.

How do you find balance in a crazy, hectic, busy wild world?! With family, work, social media and news pulling you in all directions, how do you center yourself and stay in the present? We want to hear from you!

This post was made possible by Blogger Babes and contains affiliate links. I received a complimentary subscription of the Yoga Download service in exchange for my honest review. Thoughts are 100% my own.




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    August 2, 2016 at 3:55 am

    It’s only like $8/month! Thanks for sharing, cause I am doing a road trip all August and I’m so doing this…….upwards…onwards!

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