The beauty of salt baths

Half-way around the world, I float lifelessly in a brine lake. At times, I fight the calm and attempt to dunk my body entirely underwater, only to be forced to the surface almost instantly. The salt goes to work, while I do nothing (I like this already), to give my skin a healthy glow, wrinkle-free appearance and an enhanced toned figure. It’s known by brine, sole, salt, thalassotherapy or miracle water, and it’s time you know how rejuvenating a salt therapy bath can be.

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Whether we all came from the sea, or whether the rhythm of the sea mimics being in our mother’s womb, we can all benefit from the ancient sea salt beauty regimen.

Remember that much of what you put ON your skin is absorbed INTO your skin. Salts absorb into the skin, enter the bloodstream and work to…

smooth the skin,

calm the body and mind (stress wrinkles cause more stress…and wrinkles),

reduce inflammation (goodbye puffiness),

detoxify (reducing bloating),

minimize allergy symptoms (you look good now, but see how good you look without a dripping faucet for a nose),

and perform countless other magic tricks.

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If you don’t live near the sea, there are plenty of other options to bathe in salt.

The Wellness Spa Experience

European spas and thermals have long known the benefits of salt.


When I was in Middle Franconia in Germany last year, I discovered the perfect day-getaway at the Franken-Therme in Bad Windsheim. If you want an idea of what it feels like to float in the Dead Sea, wade in the 26.9% brine salinity indoor pool (and connected outdoor salt lake). Your skin forms a thin crust of salt as it dries; I dare you not to lick it. You know you want to. Note, the salt lake is bathing suit-friendly. Once you enter the doors of the saunas at Franken-Therme, though, that’s an entirely different story.

Salt pools are going mainstream American now too. At New York’s La Casa Day Spa, you can spend $80 (on one hour in their flotation tub) for what they refer to as the equivalent of a three day fast and five hours of sleep. See if there’s an isolation flotation tank in your area.

DIY at Home

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DIYers, I haven’t forgotten about you! My favorite way to unwind at night is with a salt bath. You can create the spa or ocean water experience at home. Light a candle, turn off the lights and blissfully soak the day away.

Before I take a salt bath, I always shower off the day to make sure I’m only taking in salt and water in my bath. You’d be surprised how many products end up on your body after a hard day’s work.

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt, the stuff your mom made you soak in when you had cuts or sore muscles, is back in a big way. The name Epsom simply comes from the name of the town in England that housed the saline spring. High in magnesium, epsom salts relax the body. Destress with an epsom salt bath after a long day to promote restful sleep. For ideas on use, see Wellness Mama’s 21 uses for epsom salt.

Himalayan Salt

Himalayan salt (commonly used for highly detoxing baths) contains minerals and elements (it’s said to contain 84) ranging from oxygen to iron. Once the salt dissolves in water, the brine is comprised of dissolved minerals and the electrical charge of the salt. And you guessed it – the salt primarily comes from the foothills of the Himalayas in Pakistan. For Himalayan bath salt instructions, the Glamorganic Goddess has a great guide on salt soaks. While her recipe calls for 1-2.5 pounds of salt (for a true 1% salt to water dilution), other recipes only call for 1-2 cups.

After a salt bath, get out of the tub slowly (as the detox effect can result in dizziness), air dry or gently pat dry, and drink lots of water.

Next time you need to (fill-in-the-blank with any of salts countless health and beauty benefits), go back to the life-giving sea (or bring it home with you). It’s a simple beauty trick that thankfully, won’t require your (salty) blood, sweat or tears.

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