The Girl.



I keep on my desk this picture of me in my light purple spring jacket, hood tucked tightly around my face and tied gently under my chin, ruffles on my shoulders, lapel, and lining the hood.  I must’ve been about 3 or 4 years old.  I’ve got little, painted (and slightly chipped) fingernails on small hands that are holding up to my chest this large and fluffy, orange, farm cat (who was very gracious to allow me the pleasure of cuddling him so.)  Every now and then I look at this photo, see my young self and realize how much she is still a part of me.  I then take stock and remind myself to let her play.  She likes to spend time outdoors in nature and take care of animals.  She paints really great pictures, is very sweet, and is kind of shy but secretly wants to join in the game.  Life for her is pretty simple.  We all have this ‘inner girl’ that needs attention once in a while.  Don’t be afraid to let her sing, let her dance, let her play in the rain a little, imagine, pout and even dream.




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