The Innovative Stunt Man & Singing Farm Girl Flipper

My husband and I are building & designing our first house to sell in Los Angeles, California.
(Toluca Lake, to be exact.)


In fact, we are aiming for our own HGTV show!  Wouldn’t that be fabulous?

Todd Bloomer stunts on “Nip Tuck”.

Todd is a stunt man.  Here he is on the TV show, “Nip Tuck”, doubling John Hensley (Matt McNamara).  He also doubled Dylan Walsh (Dr. Sean McNamara) quite a bit, including the iconic scene where Dr. McNamara walks naked into the ocean.  Ha!  (The things you learn about your husband when asking for further details…) We’re family friendly, so don’t worry!  That screenshot isn’t in here, but if you’re a fan of that show, just know that’s NOT Mr. Walsh’s backside. 😉  It’s Todd Bloomer’s!  …He’s not very shy.

Todd Bloomer stunts on “Nip Tuck”.

We think it would be rad to have Todd and his friends do an unexpected, crazy stunt in every episode of the design show.  Don’t you think that would be fun?!  I do!

Watch more of Todd’s stunts in this video. 😀

Photo from my music video shoot, “Take This Town”, Directed by James Ankeny. (Photo © Harley Hague.)

I sing and write songs…  I’ve done my fair amount of New York theatre, film and tv too.

Still from my music video, “Star Crossed Lovers”, Directed by Dylan Paffe

You may watch a music video of mine below if you’d like. 🙂

Perhaps I should create music for every episode?!  – Who knows!

Todd & Makenzie Bloomer © Ana Ankeny

Oh, and did I tell you Todd & I are also newly married, and expecting a baby girl? 🙂 SURPRISE!

Makie | Makenzie Bloomer, Native Gypsies. Photo © Rachel Kesselem

VERY SOON, in fact.  She’s due just about the time we’ll be ready to put this house on the market.

(I’ve been nesting like crazy.  See our Scary Shed Turned Friendly Art Shack or our Corner Nursery Room Re-Design for an idea of what we’ve been up to on the home front.)

© Native Gypsies

Todd’s 13-year-old son helps us out occasionally on the house build.  We hope to teach him a few skills.

Our lil’ man. (Photo © Shelly Greimann)

(Although, in all honesty, he’d rather be skateboarding.)

Todd Bloomer’s first ski & pro barefooting

Speaking of young sons, and fathers… Todd grew up water skiing with his dad (which led to his professional career).

Robert Bloomer. (Photo © Shelly Greimann.)

And not only did he learn to barefoot waterski by the age of nine from his pops, he picked up a few handy skills and know-how about the plumbing & real-estate businesses, too.

Makie | Makenzie Bloomer.  Read my post on Farm Life & Staying “Forever Young” 🙂 Photos © Shelly Greimann

Normally I’m quite handy.  That’s what growing up on a farm, and working with my pops (and horses) can teach a young lady.

Todd Bloomer © Native Gypsies.
Todd Bloomer © Native Gypsies.

But since I’m expecting, Todd’s been doing much of the work we would normally be doing together.  (Although, pregnant or not – this heavy lifting is outta my league!)  Choosing tile and design esthetics is something we’ve enjoyed tackling as a team.


Building & interior design seems quite natural to me, as I’ve been a freelance Graphic Designer for the past 10 years.  At one point and time I had the pleasure of branding & creating advertising for the New York Comedy Festival, and have done work for CoverGirl, Max Factor and other notable clients over the years.

Rahn Greimann, Owner: Performance Horse Digest & Shelly Greimann, Owner: The Prairie Chick. (Photos © Shelly Greimann & Ana Ankeny)

 The apple falls pretty close to the tree in my family as well.  My Dad owns & publishes a national horse magazine that I help with, and my mom is quite the designer & blogger herself!

© Native Gypsies

So, here is the 1940’s home we purchased.  Combining our skills, artistry and impetuous natures (kindly pointed out by a dear friend of ours!), Todd and I dove in, head first, into our first flipping feat (a remodel turned reBUILD).

© Native Gypsies


© Native Gypsies

The only thing left standing from the prior home is this amazing, two-sided fireplace, which we plan to leave partially exposed, and partially covered in reclaimed barn wood.

© Native Gypsies

As of now, dry wall and roofing are done.  So we are gearing up for stucco, paint, tile, flooring, cabinetry & appliances!

Todd Blooomer. (Photo © Native Gypsies)

Stay tuned for our trip to the reclaimed wood shop, where we found a down-to-earth, Husband & Wife team from the Midwest with a fabulous warehouse full of barn wood from the Heartland.

Although Todd and I met while working and performing in Japan many years ago, we both grew up in the Midwest too.  Only 5 hours (and 9 years) apart!  So, we were pleased to find this place & the wood they have that comes from familiar territory. 😀

We’ll see you at the wood shop in our next post!


Miss Mak





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