The Little Brown Side of Life.



Although I’m not a scientist, I believe there is no way to disprove my theory that waking up on the little brown side of life is a cure for depression and better than any other ritualistic ‘wake-up’ routine.  My chihuahua-terrier mix is called ‘the little brown side’ of life.  His name is Radar – coined by the humane society for his freakishly big ears that are nearly as expressive as his eyes, tail and bark combined.  They are twice the size of his head when at full mast.  He has cartoon-sized, big, brown eyes, hops on one back leg at times and loves with every centimeter of his precious heart.  Every morning when the early sun peeks through my window, ‘the little brown side’ stirs, checks with one eye to see if I’m awake and pounces at the first sign of life.  There he stands on top of my chest, washing my face with his tongue as if to hurry the process of my getting ready so we can get OUTSIDE!  I can count, but ‘outside’ is a ‘four-letter-word’ in my house.  If you say it, you must go.  So, each and every morning I experience the little brown side of life as we greet the day whether sunny, cloudy, muddy or covered in snow.  There is no time to be crabby or sleepy or sad.  My dog is my happiness packed into 12 pounds of canine, covered in fuzz and sealed with love.




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