Meet a couple members of the Ziegler family that weren’t too shy to say ‘hello’!

photoGrandma Lillie (the hat lady) 

My grandma had a long-standing radio program (which she would have me sing on when I was a kid) and if you were lucky enough to meet her, she whipped her recorder out like a Wild West gun slinger to conduct an impromptu interview! “Everyone has a story,” she’d say, as she favored the not-so-normal stories from normal, everyday folk. She was also a hat lady (no, not a cat lady). She owned hundreds of vintage hats, and I recall her assembly speech at our school on life in early 1900s America (told with hats as story props). I also remember her coming to school dressed in her Bunad folk costume and teaching us Norwegian. She was a master DIY penny-pincher, and a giving, kind-hearted quirky lady!






Dad and Brooke on the farmFarmer Don (the junker)

My dad is a farmer (among other things). My mom and sister and I were always attending flea markets and estate sales with him. We still do; we all love junk! Where most see trash by the side of the road or in the alley, I see a new piece of art for my home. You have the eye too (we think alike)! I’ve had the bug to save and repurpose long before I knew what upcycling was. We just thought it was being thrifty. Sometime, remind me to show you my slippers I made in junior high out of 1950s floral carpet from a house my dad was gutting. Each of his business and farm ventures created a new summer project for my entire family, and I’m continually interested in creating new out of old.

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