This old home: bedroom facelift part II

bedroom facelift part II (©Native Gypsies)

Our home’s 95th anniversary continues, as does our next home project.

With one guest bedroom in the books (see our first bedroom facelift below), the adjoining guest bedroom was poised for a mini facelift.

bedroom facelift part I post

This old home: bedroom facelift before and after

On to guest bedroom number two!


  • wallpaper

What appeared to be the original plaster walls were exposed as my husband and I removed the wallpaper. We were elated to pull the wallpaper off in sheets!

Our method was to use a spray water bottle with warm water to spritz on the wallpaper, focusing on any corners we could peel up. After around five to 10 minutes (while continuing on to the next section of wallpaper, allowing the wallpaper adhesive to loosen from the wall), we slowly pulled each wallpaper sheet from top to bottom or reverse (we started with whichever had more wallpaper peeled up).

Removing wallpaper with warm water

Dare I say, it was even f-u-n!

  • paint

Our hardest decision was choosing a wall paint color, which plays a large role in giving a room its personality.

After visiting a local Sherwin-Williams store, we brought home a variety of shades to see how they change in the light (from day to night). We narrowed down the selection to Morning Sun and Sprout.

Sherwin-Williams Morning Sun and Sprout

My instinct said Sprout from the beginning, as I had a few gorgeous light pink vintage

Image courtesy of
Image courtesy of

pieces (from years of junking) which I knew would enhance the light green room. My husband took a little more convincing;)

Green and red are complimentary on the color wheel, and pale pinks and greens are popular combinations. A guest bedroom now, maybe the room will serve as a little girl’s bedroom in the future!

To prime the bare plaster walls, we used Sherwin-Williams Harmony primer zero VOC and sans stench, followed by Sherwin-Williams Harmony interior paint. *Thank you to Sherwin-Williams for providing the paint for our bedroom facelift project.

Using a paint pad edger (for painting next to the trim and ceiling), our paint time was reduced nearly in half compared to the previous bedroom paint job (same square footage).

Check out our short video clip on utilizing an edger to make painting more efficient.

this old home_ bedroom facelift-Sherwin-Williams-sprout-native-gypsies
Bedroom facelift: de-wallpaper and Sherwin-Williams Sprout Harmony paint


When I moved into my home a few years ago, I tore out the luscious blue carpeting in the guest room. Lucky for me, it wasn’t glued to the floor like the other guest room (see my battle with the floor in the other guest room).

fir wood flooring reveal (©Native Gypsies)

I didn’t sand or seal the wood floor at first, as it was in fairly good shape.

Sherwin-Williams Sprout Harmony paint and fir wood floor (©Native Gypsies)

In order to match the room to its neighboring guest room, Ryan (owner of Bair Hardwood) returned to restore the fir wood floor to its original beauty.

After moving in a naturally crackled pink door from my great grandparent’s former farm house…

Sherwin-Williams Sprout Harmony paint (©Native Gypsies)

… and a pink chair plucked from a yard sale, …

Sherwin-Williams Sprout Harmony paint (©Native Gypsies)

…the room lit up just as I’d hoped!

While an old home tends to have endless potential projects, we’ve chosen our upstairs bathroom as the next project. Stay tuned!

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