Thrift Men’s Fedoras & Vintage Cardis for Fall!

I have a weakness, and it’s not shoes.  It’s old-man sweaters!  I have an overabundance of them.

This 80’s vintage cardi jumped off the rack and into my arms at the Salvation Army.  He ran away with me for $3.00.  A total steal.

I snagged this 1940’s men’s fedora as part of a barter agreement I made with a wheeling, dealing, sandwich-eating, antique trader.  The trick is to bundle… In addition to the hat, I bagged four green chairs to fix-up, a chippy window pane, a sweet, 1950’s silk, yellow apron, and a mod sixties, green glass lamp (to match the chairs, of course).  Considering the bundled price of fifty bucks, I’d say this hat ran me about $6.00 or under.  Not too shabby!

Makie-Makenzie-Greimann-Native-Gypsies-mens-thrift4-smAndrogynous add-ons are perfect fashion picks for Autumn.

Mix your picks with basic boots and leggings or jeans.  If you plan to go shopping over Labor Day weekend, browse or thrift the boys and men’s sections!

The Autumnal Equinox is fast approaching and I’m stoked to unearth my vintage cardis.

From garage sales and second-hand stores, to my grandpa and my dear old dad, I’m set.

But one can never have too many.  …It’s my cold-weather, cheapskate fashion weakness.

I’m sure I can stuff a few more into my closet.  How ’bout you?!


Photos © Shelly & moi




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