Spotlight: tiny home owner Jessy Muller

You’re in for a treat today, as you get a sneak peak into the tiny, fantastical world of Jessy Muller. Since you’ll undoubtedly adore her, as I do, we’ll spotlight her again in the future as she travels around the U.S. in her vintage ’70s camper. Before she departs on her tour, discover how she lives life in the present and encourages us all to live out the life that makes us (as Jessy calls it) “soul happy”!

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Break free and LIVE. Dig deeper, get soul happy. -Jessy
Let’s rewind to when I first met Jessy. Here’s the 2006 version of us, while backstage at a Mall of America fashion show. I remember thinking “what a cool chick” the first time we hung out.
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Jessy & I backstage at a fashion show
She’s become even cooler with age. Passionate about the treatment of animals, social causes, fair trade and repurposed goods, appreciating the outdoors and quality time, the more I get to know her the more I believe she has a truckload of good karma stored up. Recently, she meditated with THE Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (I regrettably could not join), so that’s undoubtedly boosted her positive karma to the next level.
Since Jessy’s more of an introvert and you may not otherwise cross paths with her, I took it upon myself to bring you into her wondrous world.

Jessy on her youth
“For as long as I can remember people have told me that I’m ‘weird’. I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drum. I think being inherently artistic and introverted causes me to look at things differently and gives me different values.
When I was younger my family was pretty poor. Kids at school use to make fun of me because I didn’t have cool clothes or name brand items. In order to avoid being ridiculed at school I got crafty! I ripped labels off jeans and I started making my own clothes. People couldn’t tease me for not having cool clothes if they couldn’t even identify them! That was one of the first lessons in ingenuity I can remember learning.
We also spent a lot of time at our cabin in rural Wisconsin. I was raised with a stronger emphasis on nature than most of my peers. As is turns out, ingenuity and nature became the driving forces in my life!”

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Her kind of motivation 
“You’re motivated. I’m not,” Jessy claimed to me one day. I told her I disagree because she IS motivated— to do less and BE more. She’s motivated to preserve her time and do good deeds for others. She’s simply hard-wired to be motivated differently than the American standard.
Jessy on her 20s
“As I got older I continued to make choices that people didn’t understand. When I graduated high school, I didn’t go to college and instead started delivering pizzas. In my 20’s it became a lot harder to be the ‘weird’ one. It wasn’t just mean kids at school teasing me; it was an entire society that had expectations of me. As I met people throughout the years (…) I found myself having to explain at length and even defend myself at times. It seemed so obvious to me to set up a life where you have zero debt and take the time to engage in things that spark your interest. Work wasn’t a focus for me. I wanted to work to live, not live to work! I think too often people are afraid to live authentically, but I say go against the grain!”
Pave your own way! Your happiness is at stake!

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Most people work to live their someday dreams. Jessy always told me she lives small (way before small was trendy) to appreciate life now. Everytime I talked to her, she was adventuring in the woods, taking yoga in the park, upcycling curbside junk, giving to those in need or planning a trip off the beaten path. This attitude inspired her to fulfill her dream of traveling the parks of the U.S. on a solo venture (plus her two cats) and living in a camper.

Jessy on her todays
“Now that I’m in my 30’s I’m fully owning my weirdness! I just purchased a 1978 Dodge Commander motor home and plan to drive around the U.S. for a year exploring and learning more about myself and this amazing life we’ve all been given.”

…”But first I will spend (time) renovating my new home, learning about it, selling off my belongings and saving money. I’m doing research on compost toilets and solar panels and am so excited to live as simply as possible with a very minimum impact on the environment.”
Side note from Brooke: I learned about compost toilets in my early 20s and have been sharing my excitement since. Jessy’s the first person who didn’t laugh at my unintentional joke and was equally as excited! You go get that compost toilet, girl!
“I really, wholeheartedly, believe more people should be honoring themselves and doing more happy-making things. My happy-making things happen to be freedom, nature, hiking, creativity, REAL food and my kitties (they’re coming with!)! Of course, there is some fear that comes with making this huge change but I have come to understand that fear is a good indicator of growth.
Now I let fear be the reassurance I need to know that I am pushing myself in the right direction.
It is human nature to seek stability but we often get too comfortable in our lives. I think it’s our job to make sure that we are evolving and growing and not allow ourselves to become too stagnant. You owe it to your soul to push yourself in the direction of your dreams no matter what anyone else has to say about. It will always come down to you. It’s YOUR life.”

 What motivates you? Inspires you?

“Preparing for this next chapter of my life has got me thinking about consumerism. I think we’ve all fallen victim to it. We live in a society that is so saturated with it, it’s hard not to. We are taught that things equal happiness. This is so painfully far from the truth. I think acquiring things create a surface happy but not a soul happy. I love to see that some people are waking up from this. For me, a switch flipped and I was like, “why do I have all this stuff!?” I started purging and felt more and more free as I gave stuff away. Now I’m really motivated to live with less belongings and feel proud of the things I do own.”

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“I want to know that the things I have were made with respect for people and the environment. We have turned into such a throw away society and in order to make everything so cheap factories in other countries are participating in slave labor. We are voting with our money and shaping our world with every purchase so I think we all have a responsibility to educate ourselves about where our things are coming from. I’ve decided I only want to purchase from reputable brands that have bonafide Fair Trade Practices or things made in the US because we have better human rights in the work place. Of course, there is always the option to buy second hand and help keep things out of the landfills!”

Her remarks about consumerism paralleled many points in a feature recently posted on Native Gypsies about the true cost of fashion (and how to make more socially and environmentally conscious purchase choices). Link below.

The True Cost of fashion, buy second-hand (and third-hand)

Back to what inspires our gal in the spotlight…
“I am inspired by the tiny home movement and am excited to make more room for the things that really matter to me! When I die I won’t care whether or not I had a big pile of clothes, 30 pairs of shoes (although I do love shoes) or a big house. But I’m certain I will remember that time I fell in love with the flat irons of Colorado whilst hiking alone and just being. You take moments with you, feelings, memories, not things. So make a life of amazing moments!”

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 Any other tiny tips you’d like to add?

“You are capable of doing way more than you think. Don’t sell yourself short. You’re dam* near magical with power if you think about it. I always tell people to do the hard thing. There is so much reward on the other side of the hard thing. Allow yourself to feel proud of yourself! Don’t waste your life stuck in whatever society spoon fed you. Break free and LIVE. Dig deeper, get soul happy.”

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Thanks for opening up your world to us, Jessy! We look forward to following along on your next adventures!
Follow Jessy on Instagram at @a.girl.and.her.commander to see her fixing up her brand new (to her) Commander. To see where she’s been, follow @mypeeperspeep on Instagram.
Shameless plug: Makie and I are @nativgypsies on Instagram. Look forward to connecting:)
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