Upcycled wall art: vintage framed Texas Longhorn

It’s not the world famous bull on Wall Street, but this bull on my wall is famous in my house.

Make your own inexpensive (artificial or real) “trophy animal” wall art!

department store wall art inspiration

A department store at the Mall of America had the same idea (though my frame looked a tad more worse for wear). Last year during the holidays, I noticed their framed (and well-dressed,) racked buck on the wall above racks of clothing.


This frame hung in a back machine shed at my parent’s farm for as long as I can remember. A haunting prairie woman’s portrait was behind the glass, and the frame was faded black with excessive chipping and signs of wear. I can clean that right up, I thought.

I gently scrubbed it with light water and soap, and let it air dry. Then, I sprayed the frame with a glossy pure white spray paint. New frames that are distressed in a factory can’t compete with decades of decay that naturally aged this frame.


While visiting family in Arizona, my uncle helped us locate these Texas Longhorns* at a sale market, and my sister haggled the vendor to a lower price (and confirmed the horns were authentic and weren’t glued on). I’m a big thrift-er, but not a skilled haggler. Good thing I hunt and thrift with a team (my family)!

Brooke_Ziegler_sister_bull_wall_art_native-gypsiesWe wrapped the base of the horns with leather scraps from a deer hide.

To complete the piece, I added a vintage red (my favorite color in the home) hat from my Grandma Lillie’s collection. 

When I moved into my house, this was the first piece of “art” that made the wall. “Belongs in a barn”, my dad says. But so do I, much of the time. It’s part of the house now. It’s here to stay.


*According to the vendor, the Longhorns die of a variety of causes (farming, weather, age, animal attacks) and they try to preserve all parts of the animal, rather than have any part of these beautiful creatures go to waste.




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