Vintage stripes always in style

It’s not traditionally beautiful. It can look even a bit frumpy on the hangar. But this $1 thrift store vintage pinstripe dress shines when you slip it on.

I don’t know the back story of this dress, but I’d like to imagine that it traveled the world with it’s previous owner (decades ago – a world that looks much different than today). A lifetime later, I’m giving this long-sleeve pinstripe dress a new outlook.

Model: Brooke Ziegler , Photographer: Jayme Halbritter
Bare and Natural. Photographer: Jayme Halbritter

Yes, that’s a dumpster behind me. Fitting, since I have a wandering eye for dumpster finds. 

Model: Brooke Ziegler , Photographer: Baii Nguyen
Dark and sleek. Photographer: Baii Nguyen

This dress is drawn to the beauty of ugly (first dumpsters, now dingy downtown alleys).

Model: Brooke Ziegler, Photographer: Jayme Halbritter
Seeing RED. Photographer: Jayme Halbritter , Hat: vintage (Grandma Lillie AKA The Hat Lady)

Pair with brightly colored heels, to add a pop of color. Or dress it down with boots (as I did, when I comfortably walked the streets of Rome and Prague). It makes a perfect travel dress.

Brooke Ziegler in Prague, Czech Republic at John Lennon Wall
Brooke at John Lennon Wall (Prague, Czech Republic)

Stripes are always on trend, especially black and cream stripes.

Find a pre-owned or handmade pinstripe black dress on etsy, or check out my picks.

Black and tan pinstripe Stella McCartney long sleeve shirt dress
Pre-owned Stella McCartney long sleeve shirt dress
Yes Style Gathered-Waist Pinstripe Mini Dress
Yes Style Gathered-Waist Pinstripe Mini Dress
ASOS Pinstripe Kimono Wrap Dress
ASOS Pinstripe Kimono Wrap Dress

Show us your vintage stripes and your thrift store finds (hashtag #NativeGypsies on social media). Stripes are never ending trending.





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