Vintage Palazzo Pants & Halter + Mint Lemonade!

Two things (among many) that remind me of my Grandma Audrey are: her sense of style, and her love of lemonade.  Fresh squeezed please!  

Audrey & V. Scott Ankeny in Hawaii

Audrey was a petite, little lady – full of vim and vigor.  I dare say she embodied the word moxie on her good days.

As she passed away with the winter wind this last December, she left direct instructions stating, “the downstairs closet is for Makenzie.”  Oh really? …OK!  Don’t misinterpret – I’m not a favorite, she loved everyone in her own way and bequeathed specific things to various children and grandchildren.  I just happen to be the runt of the litter; the only one who can fit into her old clothes!  Luckily, I’ve always had a thing for funky, vintage garb (whether in fashion or not), and she knew that as well.

I started slowly scoring her stellar pieces in high school, including this outfit.  It was a fun trade system we shared over the years, however I don’t really know what I gave in return – except hugs and kisses, and those are pretty priceless I suppose.

Her clothing is one thing, but her vintage dishware is another story.  Those treasures were equally divided among cousins from fondu pots and carnival ware, to milk glass and copper tea kettles – you name it.  So, if we must pucker up to quench our thirst on a hot, Summer evening with fresh, citrus lemons – why not in style?  (In dress AND dishes!)


These high waisted palazzo pants and halter crop tops were all the rage starting in the late 60’s and lasting through the 70’s.  My mother coyly told me my father quite liked it when she’d wear such little halter tops.  (No comment.  I don’t know about you, but I come from fairies and was grown in a tree, just like these lemons! Ha.)  Actually, I love hearing them tease and flirt – makes me smile.  My grandparents used to dance together, and they were quite a dynamo couple.  True partnership takes work & commitment, yet affection & kindred friendship are also essential ingredients that guide a duo through personal changes and life’s adventures.

Speaking of ingredients, here’s a simple recipe for Mint Lemonade.  The service is slow at Elderberries Cafe where I met my hippie lady, but their mint lemonade is a must-have on a hot, California day!  Here’s my take on it for your Summer soirees…


I’m not one to follow directions precisely or to make something the same way twice, so I encourage you to play with these ingredients!

Makie’s Mint Lemonade:

Lemons – Pick from a tree if you’re so lucky, or purchase from your local grocer or farmer’s market.
Mint – I planted this sweet mint with my other grandma, “Bertie” several weeks ago.  Grow it, pick it or buy it!
Ice – Crushed or cubed, doesn’t matter.
Sweetener – If you like a little sweet in your sour, try Agave Nectar or Stevia.
Optional Sparkle – Want sparkle & fizz?  Grab a bottle of Pellegrino or sparkling water of your choice.


(As I said, I don’t really follow directions or write things down, so why don’t you fool around and see what you like.)

Squeeze lemons and pour the juice into your pitcher.
Blend ice and mint separately in your whirly-buzz (blender, vitamix, magic bullet…).
Mix with lemon juice in your pitcher.
Add sweetener to taste if you’d like.
Add a bit of fizz if that’s your thing.
Serve and garnish with lemon twists or sprigs of mint!

Viola.  Enjoy. 🙂

Makie-Makenzie-Greimann-Native-Gypsies-Vintage-calypso-2Makie-Makenzie-Greimann-Native-Gypsies-Vintage-calypso-3  Makie-Makenzie-Greimann-Native-Gypsies-Vintage-calypso-1Makie-Makenzie-Greimann-Native-Gypsies-Vintage-Lemonade-1-sm





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