Vintage Thrift: Red, White & Blue!

I have a weakness for thrift stores.  ….and vintage dresses  ….particularly those with a brown, paper, tag, marked at $6.00 with a bold, sharpie marker at the Salvation Army.  Now, that’s a price I can afford!  Ever since I was young, I’ve been hunting through hand-me-downs and thrift stores for my hip and trendy finds.  (However, I might as well just own up to the fact that I was NOT a hip and trendy kid.  Creative?  Yes!  Trendy?  Nope.  Not so much.  I always danced to the beat of my own drum.)  In fact, once upon a time in Junior High School… my friend, Brooke, excitedly pointed out that she had the EXACT same pair of striped shorts that I was wearing.  She only knows now, how embarrassed I was that I had purchased them in her home town at the Elmore Clothing Exchange for $1.25.  I was mortified, thinking they were probably her shorts to begin with!  Now that we are older, we’ve both confessed to our shameless dumpster diving, curb-side pick-ups, hand-me-down hats, and thrifted clothing: from jeans & boots to vintage moo moos.  We’ll take you into our closets and share our finds in the weeks to come!  Some of our favs are sourced directly from our moms’ and grandmas’ hangers.  I always love a good story, especially one I can wear! (Or functional furniture, dishware and decor that has an interesting history.)

So, here’s to a bit of history this week for the 4TH OF JULY – wearing a red, white & blue, handmade, gunny sack dress from the 70’s!  #re-using and #recycling fashion, and celebrating INDEPENDENCE for country + spirit…

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