We Scored at the Rose Bowl Flea Market


I’ve always wanted to go to the Rose Bowl Flea.  It is one of the most famous markets in the world and features over 20,000 vendors.  If you’d like to make it a stop on your next trip to Pasadena, California, it happens the second Sunday of every month.  Mark your calendars!


We went prepared with extra space in our vehicles and prerecorded measurements for our wish-list of things that fit the functional & creative needs of our home.


Tom and Little L joined us.  Aren’t those braids to die for?!  I mean, really.  That hat and her cuteness is killing me!


Our first stop: FLANNELS.  One can never have too many buttoned, “Bunyan”, tartan shirts.  (Is it just because I’m Minnesotan that I think you’ll get that Paul Bunyan reference?  Remember him?  And Babe the Blue Ox!?)


Flannels are warm, cozy, colorful, and perfect for layering in flex seasons between cold and hot months.  Plus, they remind me of the farm and that makes me happy. 🙂


Todd nabbed a few for himself, too.


And then we happened upon these…

Filament Vintage Lighting, hand crafted and designed by Keith Bronsdon.  They are heavy pieces of art that provide 2-way warmth and brightness in your home.  I also love the cloth wiring he uses, and the unique bulbs he creates.


Flour sack pillows were also present at the market.


Outdoor bathroom anyone?!  So cool.

(G.G. Antiques)


I liked these industrial tables and stools by Reclaim Shop in Los Angeles.  It seems as if their website isn’t working right now, but you can call Sebastian at 909.292.8226 or email reclaimshop at hotmail.com if these pique your interest.


This furniture reminds me of what my mom makes at her shop, The Prairie Chick Market.  I immediately texted her and said she needs to bring a trailer of her work to L.A.!  And then I calculated the cost of fuel from Minnesota to California… hauling furniture through the mountains…  Perhaps we’ll rethink that.


I love vintage fans, and this tiny dresser is superb.  Leaving a bit of wood on the knobs and edges is a nice touch with this color paint.


And the wood on these drawers, oooh!

(The Warped Table)


If you prefer “junk” – that’s there too.


Old sap buckets and such.


Art or furniture?  Furniture or art?

You tell me.


Ohhh you guys… Impeccably recovered and restored MID CENTURY MODERN FURNITURE.  I want, I want, I want!  But I shall not sound like such a whiny child… I just had to illustrate HOW GREAT these pieces are!


Sofia’s Antiques is where you want to look if you adore this type of furniture as much as I do.  Thanks Doug, for spotting this one.  That’s Todd’s brother, Doug, in the far back of this pic.  Say, “Hi Doug.” 😉


Oh my gosh, RUGS!


Sadly, these vintage, floor dressings are extremely expensive.


But this chief came home with us!


And this entry table!


Extra storage… We purchased two, metal, milk crates for each shelf.


Annnnd.  Enough said.


In summation, we SCORED.  Big time.

Bring snacks or be prepared to pay “airport prices” for tacos and limeade (although quite tasty), and wear comfortable shoes!  The Rose Bowl Flea Market is an all-day affair.

Well, it ends at 3pm, but you’ll be ready for a nap afterwards!  (Unless you’re hauling home some awesome treasures and need to clear space and rearrange your living room.  In which case, don’t expect to catch shut eye until dark.)

Happy hunting!


Photos © Native Gypsies | Makie




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