Weleda’s biodynamic farm tour & Skin Food b-day giveaway

Weleda Skin Food
I use Skin Food for my head, my shoulders, knees and toes. Knees and toes. (Photograher: Ramon Moreno)

When someone turns 90, you throw a celebration with those you love! When Weleda’s Skin Food turns 90, you get everyone to celebrate something you love! And you give out gifts* (see end of post for giveaway details).


I’ve been using Weleda’s organic, nourishing Skin Food cream on my head, shoulders, knees and toes (and nails, hands and elbows) for nearly a decade. While not as well known in the states, Weleda’s clean bodycare products are in every department store, apotheke (drugstore) and bio (organic) store in Germany! Weleda was started by early 20th century Austrian writer, educator, Waldorf school founder and clairvoyant scientist, Rudolf Steiner. To no surprise, he hailed from the Vienna of Strauss, Freud and endless writers, philosophers and composers.

(picture from our winter trip to Vienna)

The Man & his Plan

A visionary 100 years ahead of his time, Rudolf Steiner, is credited for developing the biodynamic method of farming. His legacy spreads throughout the world, as more and more biodynamic farms pop up. Bio-dy-what you ask? In its simplest form, it’s farming as farming should be. Farming as it was. Picture ancient civilizations using the solar system as their guide and utilizing the gifts of nature as tools to build a healthy farm, where waste becomes energy. Everything serves a purpose. That’s biodynamic farming.

In Sonoma, we toured the biodynamic Benziger Vineyard, and I was delighted to read all about Steiner in their educational garden. When my husband was playing for a hockey team in Nuremberg, Germany, I discovered that we were under two hours from Steiner’s Weleda farm!

Arriving at the Weleda Farm: Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany

The Farm

A highlight of spending time in Germany was visiting the Weleda Farm in Schwäbisch Gmünd. Since it was still early Spring, they were not conducting tours and initially turned us down, but then invited us to join an English-speaking sales team that was touring the farm. The group welcomed us in, and let us tag-along. Growing up on a farm in the Midwest, I jump at the chance to tour farms while traveling.

Weleda Farm
Know what this is? Me either! I forgot to ask on our tour!

Everything on the Weleda farm serves a purpose.

As I mentioned in my 13 foods to reuse: don’t throw that out post, 

Nature doesn’t make waste.

Compost pile at the Weleda farm becomes fertilizer in the fields

This would be the largest compost pile I’ve ever seen, had I not toured Prairieland’s former compost waste facility with my dad as a teen. The principles stayed with me; try it with your own kids!

Pest control takes on a whole new meaning. Instead of chemicals, ducks eat grubs. Bats eat insects. Work with nature instead of against it.

ducks snacking in the Weleda garden
ducks snacking in the Weleda garden

Save the bees!

Weleda encourages various types of bees to call the farm home

Magnolia trees in the garden were in full bloom. I’d like to capture that scent in a bottle.

Magnolia tree: I need one of these in my yard

I was excited to see women tending to the fields!

Women working the Weleda farm fields

A biodynamic farm can’t be complete without cow horn manure! Farmers bury it in their fields in autumn and dig them up in the spring.

cow horn manure at the Weleda farm

Seeing a farm that puts this much care into its plants, it’s no surprise Weleda’s organic beauty products and naturopathic medicines have thrived nearly a century.

What’s in our cabinet?


Weleda’s Skin Food was the base for my wedding day face. See the Native Gypsies post Bridal hair and makeup: classic wedding look.

Want to get Skin Food in your cupboard, for free? Win a one ounce tube of this healing, deeply-hydrating cream. Here’s how!

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*One ounce Skin Food giveaways have been provided by Weleda USA for Native Gypsies readers. Native Gypsies is covering shipping costs to customers. The views expressed on these pages are mine alone. Please see our disclosure link for more information on affiliate links contained in this post.






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