What Questions Are You Asking?

Did you know we think over 50,000 thoughts a day?

WOW.  I had no idea my brain was so busy.  But it makes sense; especially when I wake up in the middle of the night and my mind is STILL going.

Apparently many of our thoughts appear in the form of questions.  And they tend to be negative ones. (Until we choose to start asking positive ones!)  For example, “why is it so hard to make money?”

By the time you’ve finished asking a question, your brain has fired multiple answers – all proving the question to seem true.  However, it’s just how our brain works.  We answer our questions within seconds, and because we answer them so easily – we believe them to be true.

SO! …  I say let’s grab the reins and start shaping our thoughts in new ways.  Start identifying our negative questions as they arise and turn them into positive questions.  And then let’s get to the point where we are consciously asking ourselves positive questions every day.

I actually printed a list of positive questions, cut them into strips, stuffed ’em into an old mason jar and have been having a blast pulling a new one out every day and setting it on my computer so I see it while I work.  The picture above shows my little set-up.  This one made me giggle so I thought it was appropriate to share with you. It says, “How did I become such a genius?

Go on, ask yourself that!  And you’ll find your brain gives you multiple answers on how, indeed, you became such a genius.

Isn’t it cool?!

Here are a couple other questions for you to marinate on:

  • Why is life so fun and fulfilling?
  • Why do I get paid so much to do what I love?
  • How is it so easy to connect with all the right people?

Share one of your answers with us in the comment section below!





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