Winter Sweater Weather! 70’s Cable-Knit Poncho & Aztec Cape


I love to wrap up in a “story” or two in cold, Winter months.  Whether I’m visiting my farm in snowy Minnesota or at home in Los Angeles, my vintage, hand-me-down & thrift-store sweaters are a favorite garb for grab!

(Winter isn’t the only time for sweaters, see my post on “Androgynous Fall Fashion” below.)

Thrift Men’s Fedoras & Vintage Cardis For Fall


I like to think clothes can go “pop” or go “country” just as easily as music can.


Add a horse & a hat, and you’re totally country!  This Azteca horse named, Cavallo, (yes, his name means “horse”) pairs perfectly with my mom’s old Aztec cape! 😉

See more of Cavallo in this 4th of July dress post below!

Vintage Thrift: Red, White & Blue!

And while we’re at it, if you like dresses like that, here is another (which brings us back to the winter weather)…

Vintage Gunne Sax Dress On the Prairie


 My Arabian, Valero, is now running wild with the horses in Heaven, waiting for me to hop on his back again some day (hopefully a long ways down the road).    He stole my heart long ago, and out shines any outfit & rider.


But if you do want to give an outfit a “go”, traipse through the woods in boots, hand-knitted boot toppers, a 70’s poncho from your mom’s closet,…


…native beads, and a leather, loop belt!


And twirl around in your colorful cape. 😛

Enjoy your sweaters this Winter!

xo, Makie

Photos © Shelly Mom & Myself




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