Woman, You Are Beautiful.



I am an artist, a seeker, a lover and a healer.  I am a woman.  I desperately want to become something amazing.  There are moments I catch a glimpse of my true self and secretly learn that I am.  I have the ability to be brilliant, powerful, effective, changing, smart, beautiful, loving, pure, wise and strong.  I am able to mother the young, teach the inquisitive, learn from the universe, grow without bounds, and dictate my reality.  I am a child of God, created specifically and loved unconditionally.  I may play many roles in my life – daughter, sister, actress, designer, mother, wife, teacher, student, friend, classmate, director, client, and more, but not one of these captures the full essence of me – the woman.  There is inside of me an inner oasis of light, a passionate mix of color, rhythm and sound.  It is my quest to honor that symphony inside and to help others do the same.  Woman, you are beautiful.

(photo credit: RW Jones Photography)




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