Word Associations

I used to be a hostess at an upscale cocktail lounge in NYC (before I graduated to the lucrative job of waitress or “server” if you’d prefer).  I can safely say I was a better hostess than waitress.  For one who doesn’t drink, I seemed more qualified to recommend a seat better than a full bodied glass of wine.  (I’m well aware of my strengths and weaknesses here!)

While at the host stand, if things were slow, my friend Alex and I would play word association games.  He’d make a list of words on a tablet of paper, I’d do the same and then we’d switch and fill out each others papers with corresponding words – the first words that came to mind.

This is a super fun exercise to get your brain jumping around for some writing fun.

So check out this website I found –> Word Association Game

Take a few minutes to play and you might just have fun and decide to write a haiku, a rap or a riddle or two 😉

*Note, the game says “this product may contain naughty words” but I’m guessing they only come up if those are the things you’re entering.  I played for quite some time and was never greeted with locker room lingo.  …  (OKAY, I take that back.  I just played again and came across a few, but you can skip them!)

Let me know if you try it out, or grab a friend play the game on paper!




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